Thursday, August 2, 2007

Walk in My Shoes feat. Lupe Fiasco

Remember when I told yall to check out Emily King...Well it was for good reason because she has a beautiful voice which sounds great live I must add...

But More importantly, she has a song featuring Mr. Lupe Fiasco entitled "Walk in my Shoes."

And speaking of Walking in somebody shoes, for all yall that WILL NOT be making it to Lollapalooza this year...You can GUARANTEE Imma give you the full Blow by Blow
(that was just for you OFF THE TUBE LMAO)

CAUSE IM DEFINITELY GONNA BE THERE...Thanx 2 Urban Groove, My Partner-in-crime Corona, Keena, and My Mama for really making all of this possible in more ways than one.

Also Lollapalooza will be broadcasted via LIVE WEBCAST each day starting at 12:30 pm

And now a special message from our sponsor...
"And for Mr. Fiasco…Chicago peeps, you’re not gonna wanna miss his performance this Sunday at Lollapolloza. Let’s just say, he’s gonna be debuting a new track for the 1st time ever, that will make you lose your damn mind, aight? FNF UPppers!!! -THE COOL coming soon, mang!"

Two fingers like a playa...Wipe Me Down!!!!!
(ok that was lame LOL)


P.S. MixMasterMegan??? Where ya at??? Keena said we was partying...I'm Ready, Are You? Better yet, is the world ready? Two Megans at once might be lethal...

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