Thursday, September 6, 2007


Artist Access aims to engage established bands and artists for a dialog between those succeeding and those having what it takes to succeed.

Because, once the fans have decided who’s best in film and music, we at OurStage make it our relentless mission to help these newcomers take the next step in their careers. By securing spots for them in music and film festivals, in magazines like Paste, on compilation CDs, rehearsal space, equipment, cash, and now sessions and opportunities with industry veterans.

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From All of Us at OurStage

Once you're on the page, if you click the picture of Lupe his interview will come up in the video player.

Quotations from the Interview: (for anybody aspiring to do anything)

"Stay Versatile. Don't chase the now, Chase the Next. Because if you chase the now, the now is not gonna be the now tomorrow, its gonna be what we did yesterday."

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