Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Think Before You Type

Subject: "Lupe Fiasco is helping the whiteys steal hip hop"

He is taking hip hop from the streets and making it nerdy. It is amazing that in a city with some of the worst gangs and some of the most notorious projects in the world this guy would be rapping about skateboarding and video games. He doesn't rep the streets and he is embracing a crackerman sport. He is slowly chipping away at the street aspect of hip hop and paving the way for crakcers like EL-P and Aoesop Rock. He is a double agent working for the crackers.

LMAO...People on the Internet say the Darndest Things...


meli mel said...

WOW now that's comedy....clearly he only listened to "Kick, Push".......clearly

Anonymous said...

if you follow the post you'll notice that the person was trying to be facetious. it was all meant as a joke, all be it not a very good one!