Sunday, November 18, 2007

Scrambler Meets the Jedi / Electro Cool Encounter

AS TOLD BY TURBO aka T DOUBLE aka Mr. Top Secret

You know how at the end of a song, the music fades out? When this fade begins, the volume of the sounds coming from the various instruments gradually decreases until finally, the song is over. Let’s read a story following the same format, that is, a story where the details eventually fade out. Just because a song ends at a certain point does not necessarily mean that the story has come to a complete end, rather, the composer of the record has decided that it was appropriate to conclude the song at a specific point. Its something like how a TV show or a music video concludes with “To be continued..”

-yeah, something like that -

After I finished eating lunch in the dark corner of the restaurant, I went to my car in the parking lot, reclined in the seat, and began to brainstorm. I felt my phone vibrating in my pocket as I laid there in deep concentration with my beanie pulled over my face. Without checking the caller ID, I pressed the ignore button to complete a thought process that I had been working on ever since I ate the first chip that the waitress had brought to me. The chips were a mixture of the traditional light brown tortilla chip color in addition to some green and red chips that were randomly thrown in for decoration, I guess. Anyways, my phone vibrated again and I decided to check it out before pressing the ignore button again. This time, however, instead of a phone call, I received a text message from one of my friends. She asked me whether or not I am listening to the radio because “my boy” was on there. I did not know who in the world she was talking about due to my extremely frequent inability to listen to the local radio station but I saw that this was the 3rd text message that I received about “the radio” which was very odd. I thought, Rahiem? Cuba Gooding Jr.?

I called her phone and asked her what song it was and she explained to me that it wasn’t a song at all. She said your boy Lupe Fiasco is on the radio right now talking about his album. At first I was like “Oh word? That’s what’s up…Where are you?” She said she was here in town so I was like, “Oh… you listening to XM or something like that?” She was like “Ummm no, I mean the radio station here, (so and so) point 9”When she said this, the tortilla chip analogy in which I was subconsciously working on minimized and a new window opened. It was a window depicting confusion with many of these all over the screen: ???? The background was all black with a purple border. In the top right of the screen a skeleton hand kept flashing and the words “Did you even catch the change in theme?” scrolled along the bottom of my mental web page. I then asked her if she ever seen the movie The Matrix and if she remembered the part where Neo was on the computer and his screen said “knock knock.”She was like, “yeahhh….what about it?” I said “ Exaaaaactly” -

let’s fast forward this story a bit. Chorus: This is the most inopportune time.>>>>>>>>>>>>>> So I pull up in this parking lot next to the studio because the street is completely packed with cars. Hop out the whip, grab my backpack, close the door, and press the alarm button. As I am walking away from my car, I look back and notice that there’s a sign above the parking space that says something about “Manager Parking” or some BULL like that so I was like “Yiiiiiiikes.” Instead of moving my car, I continued to the radio studio which was surprisingly unlocked when I pulled the door handle. As soon as I walked in, to my immediate left was a lounge with 2 people in there. I immediately recognized one person as J.Boogie of Platform OGs. In my head I was like “OH Snap Son!” There was another person in the room who I did not recognize but she was BEAUTIFUL – real deal! So I walk into the room and take a seat as though I was suppose to be there, you know, as though I actually worked for the radio people or something like that. I don’t think anyone even noticed I was there which was a good thing. Next, I noticed a man who was talking on the phone in the hallway and he said something about “This is – from Atlantic”

Mentally I was like “OH Snap Sonny Son!!” I then realized that I should move my car because I really can’t afford a ticket so I get up and leave. I rush over to my car, exit the parking lot, and drive even further down the street to some auto shop. I make my way back to the studio as quick as I can and to my relief, everything was the same. After sitting down again, I knew that it would be best to maybe go get some water because my mouth was dry due to being slightly exhausted.. PAUSE.I got up and proceeded to search for a bathroom and ran into the Atlantic man in the hallway. I wasn’t thinking correctly and I asked him the stupid question, “Is Lupe still here?” He said something along the lines of “yeah man, he’ll be out in a minute. Be cool” Fresh! So I go down the hallway and further up I see some people standing and talking in front of an open door and you can hear laughter coming from within the room. I was thinking, maybe the radio interview and what not is in that room. I then made a right and entered the restroom. I went to the sink and tried to like wash my face off a little bit and somehow get hydrated – SMH. While I am doing this, I’m hearing a voice from another section of the bathroom singing the whole time. I didn’t pay any attention to it at first but then I took note of the lyrics. “If you know like I knooooow, you don't wanna step to this..It's the G-Funk errra, funked out with a gangsta twist.” I was dying laughing when the unidentified person was like “The rhythm is the bass and the bass is the trebbleeeeeeeeeeee.”

– let’s fast forward real quick.>>>>>>>>>>>>

Chorous: This is the most inopportune time = real talk>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> So in the hallway was this other man and we discussed the definition of a word

– Fast forward >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Bridge: Made the punch record >>>>>>>>>>>I happened to have my newly purchased camera handy because my original plans for the day included taking some photos and some video footage for a final project that is due in like….like 4 days or something. Anyways, the photo is taken. A most memorable day in HIP HOP history! Yesssssss

– Here’s the photo – I added some effects to it –

December 18 – The Cool. Cop it like police!

Added Bonus


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