Wednesday, December 5, 2007

"The Cool" Commercial

DISCLAIMER: This video has caused some confusion about the release date of "The Cool." January 2008 is the release date for the UK. NOT the U.S. Still be expecting it DECEMBER 18TH, DECEMBER 18TH, DECEMBER 18TH.
So don't worry. This Christmas will still be a good one.


Adrian. The Esoteric said...

DUUUUUUDE ARE U SERIOUS?!!?!? this has to go platinum lol
and why is it sayin a january release date?
i've already got my camping gear for december 18th lol

Shay said...

I love everything about the commercial except the release date!!
I need my stocking stuffer to be "The Cool"

Baby said...

What the fudge? So the Cool is pushed back until January:( That sucks! I love Lupe's music but thats some bullshiiiiiiiii. I'm still buying the album :)

adrian the esoteric said...

screw it i'll just order from the US

baby said...

Okay, I feel sooooooooo stupid for not reading the disclaimer! So the Cool is set for the 18th? Thats cool. Haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Get it? Do you get it? Thats cool :)

khaled said...

nooo why sist coming out so late in the UK :(
is there any stores in the US that send cds internationally???