Wednesday, December 19, 2007

First Hand Account from Michelle

Her Account of the Concert at the Filmore LAST NIGHT...

Iesha Jaco opened up the concert with the F&L intro, Lupe did songs from that album. He's so energetic. He even stopped the song cuz we weren't jumping up and down! He let Gemini spit and did a wardobe change. Iesha came out again and did the poem from The Cool, then Lupe did cuts from The Cool. He gave little intros to most of the songs, which was nice. It was a great show -- wait, no it was a great EXPERIENCE. The only thing I didn't like was that he didn't come out for an encore, and he didn't do any mixtape cuts. Oh, and if he brought JayZ out for "Pressure", that woulda been nuts. Hov was just chillin' in the balcony with Beyonce. Trey Songz was sitting next to them too.

Lupe grabbed his belt buckle at one point, and all the ladies went nuts. Matthew Santos was looking mighty tasty.

Nikki Jean also handed out "Go Baby" posters to the ladies and video recorded us while we waited on line. Probably going to be on one of her blogs.

Truly & Trilly,
Michele Isabel


Missez Sammy Mac (Femme Fiasco) said...


Sammy = jealous.
I wish I was there!!!


Anonymous said...

That sounds great! cant wait to see the crew in Jan!