Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Lupe Fiasco: Cooley High- Complex Magazine Web Exclusive

C: Do you think that characters like that, they try too hard? That they don't actually see that quote, unquote coolness in them? That they have it naturally but they do all these other things whether it's like hustling in the streets or trying to deal with fast money, that they're trying too hard to achieve that cool when they already have it.

Lupe Fiasco: I don't know, some people already possess it. I think it's the arguments to be had or the discussions to be had about it. Is it something that is just in you and it's from your environment or is it something that you're born with because I know, there are two type of people that are cool to me in the world, like the coolest people were the nerds in high school. You know after high school, all those people who were nerds and you they got the coolest jobs with the coolest type of people, they could do the coolest things, they could build a computer from scratch, as opposed to all the popular people in school, now they're in the service industry, they're working in retail, the stuff they do isn't cool, or even they fell into the whim of the streets, you know they fell off into doing drugs or whatever or when they were doing drugs in high school, now they're the uncool people. Now they got ten kids and all types of other stuff as opposed to focusing so I think they were chasing that cool in high school and they'll be represented by the hustler freshly dug out the grave, rotting hand and the whole thing as opposed to the other type of cool person who was the nerd at one point, who kind of stuck to his goals and when he got out of high school, his life blossomed, he could relate to more people, a kind of all-around nice guy

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ashia said...

what is cool nowadays. I'm 15, and in my current highschool cool is what everybody else does, tight clothes, fly sneakers, maybe even skateboarding. From what I've heard people say I'm cool, but why really? I've dressed sophistacatedly since 7th, I don't like whereing what others where, I put on a brown neutral with black, or I put on baggy socks with mary-janes. Some say it's cool, I dont get it. Just why is someone who follows trend really well cool? Lupe, I thought he was cool since kick-push, seems like certain people were afraid to show their skateboarding skills then, IT'S COOL NOW :?

corey blanton said...

personally i do wear tight clothes and fly sneakers, but i don't do it to fit in or to copy the trend, i do it because it looks nice on me. i also do it because i love clothes, and things people wouldnt normally wear i do. not to be cool or a showoff i just like to look nice. lupe i think you, skateboard p. and kanye are the freshest dudes ever.. i always admired u personally from your lyrics to your overall pesonality. since revenge of the nerds i like u...
Lil.CO G$M$E