Monday, December 24, 2007

New Section of This Blog

For The Record:

I am not Lupe Fiasco.
(Wish I Was mainly for all the Free Stuff)
So I can't really help you get your stuff to him personally.

However, since we all know that he frequents this blog I've decided that I will do a Non-Lupe/FNF post as often as I chose so that YOU...YES YOU...can get your "product" shown to Lupe and Crew.

So if you have your own blog, or crochet scarves, design clothing, make music, do graphic design, bake cakes, make fakes, DJ, do an internet radio show, or WHATEVER...Send me an email to with the following...

Your name, your "product" in some form (a picture, a myspace page, a website, whatever) so that I can see what it looks like, a brief description. And I will do the rest. Simple right?


rey said...

this is cool... I'll send something in like 10 mins... Thanks

Anonymous said...

Lupe's sophomore effort Lupe Fiasco's The Cool took No. 15 with 143,000 sales


Soul said...

You doin the damn thing Lu.... keep holdin it down.
Peace! and....