Thursday, December 20, 2007

Saigon Supports "The Cool"

Here's part of a statement he released in concerns of him quitting the rap game.

"Whats up everybody??? First of all, I must say I was and still am amazed by the responses I get from the whole thing about me quitting the rap game. I have recieved literally thousands of messages, many phone calls from very influential people, and much support from just everyday people I may bump into on the street…The love is overwhelming I must say. I got over 500 comments on MySpace alone which was very encouraging considering its many more than I got for indulging in some ignorance with certain ignoramus’ ..I got a very appreciated phone call from my brother Lupe Fiasco that really made me look at things from other angles…..Shout out to that brother and congratulations on that CRAZY album… Support that. I also got a very deep call from Datwon Thomas (Editor in Chief) from King Magazine…Thanks man, I got you Homie…Much love to EVERYBODY who expressed their concern whether good or bad…And thank you to everyone who left a comment on here, I was reading them joints like, ‘Damn….Wow…..Whoa’"

Got Your Copy of "The Cool" Yet?


KayCee said...

yeah Saigon is dope man he dont need to quit...and yeah i got my second copy of The Cool today lol

Micah said...

eh. Saigon is Ok, if he stopped rappin tho I wouldn't really notice. :p Hopefully he still supports the artists though! You gotta do great with the influence youve built, you know?

And yeah, i have my gold watch, I mean, my lu cd