Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Femme Diaries: Coming Soon

So Lu will be hitting up some dates in my and a few others Femmes area, and we're gonna definitely be IN THE HOUSE, HOUSE, HOUSE!!! And we're documenting the ENTIRE TRIP!!!

Jan 27 2008
Sonar Baltimore, Maryland

Jan 28 2008
The Norva Norfolk, Virginia

Jan 30 2008
9:30 Club Washington DC, Washington DC

Feb 1 2008
Stuart C. Seigel Center Richmond, Virginia

If you would like to Donate to the "Muah Ain't Ballin so she can't really afford to go to all these shows" Fund...Hit me Up at...lupethefiasco@gmail.com. Any and all donations will be Greatly Appreciated. Thanx in Advance.


t_mizzay15 said...

do you know if lupe is hitting up australia this year?

NOODLES said...

Man. Lupe is welcome to drop in the 801 anytime for a show. I'd fly out and see him live but money is an issue. However, I do work the marketing board at my student government at the University of Utah and can hook it up, so long as Lupin the 3rd greatest rapper alive is willing to honor us.

Email: Panda.Expresso@gmail.com
Myspace: myspace.com/instantramenpanda


Xaviera said...

Ms. Muah :)

Funny enought... I was going to go to the one in norfolk, then DC, then Philly then Richmond, but my funds got cut short... lol... but I will be at the NorVa. GOt a reservation at Kelly's before the show so I can be one of the first to get in... I don't know if you are from Norfolk and know that eating at Kelly's before a show gets you into the NorVa before everyone else... but that's how you get to be right in the front... still might go to the one in richmond if I can find someone to go with me :(... none of my friends are as serious about him as I am... lol

Love XA

Missez Sammy Mac (Femme Fiasco) said...
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Missez Sammy Mac (Femme Fiasco) said...

Guess what ladies!?!??
Lu is coming to STL APRIL 16TH!!!
We will get to check off another mission/goal!!!!!
Me and Nat will be there, Mixmastermegan is coming, and maybe Keka, everyone else is welcome to come because I have a tight budget and cant fly to yalls shows haha...
I'm counting the days!!!!

YA DIG!?!?

Max said...

Hey whats up Femme's... I live in the Twin Cities but I am flying out to Atlanta on the 23rd to see Lupe with a friend who lives out there... I was thinking about documenting my trip down there ... anyone else gonna be at that show??


Max Haben


Anonymous said...

i will never have the privilege to see lupe live. I live birmingham alabama..........alabama! i tried to plan a trip to atlanta but alas i could not find any trust worthy traveling companions :( but any way im looking forward to the femme's tour documentary:)

Anonymous said...


Heart Me said...

Hooray....Femme Diaries!!! I can't wait till the first entry.

Andie said...

Resident of the DC area here... I might have to check that out on the 30th...

FRESH2DEF... SHE IS said...

i got my tix
he'll be in Phila on the 31st @ TLA

and i will be in attendance.

Kadeejia said...

I'm gonna be at the show on the 28th..3 hour drive and I'm not sure how I'm going to get there but Ill be there. I wanted to go to the 30the show on the 30th but the damn thing is sold out..

Meli Mel said...


Bmore Sam Sam said...

I will be @ the show in Baltimore @ Sonar. It's all of 10 minutes from my house... YES!!!