Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Lupe at Emo's in Texas

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new lupe fan said...

yeah!! i wasnt able to make it out to the concert but my friend and i got him to autograph our copies of the cool... he's a really humble guy and he smiled the whole time, which, to me at least, gave me the impression that he's really personable. that's a rarity. but yeah... i see him reppin my school... hook' em lupe... maybe i'll make it out to one of your shows in the near future

CitizenJournaliste said...

Hey! I love the site. I took that picture of Lupe in Austin. I see that you found them on, the Daily Texan music blog. I don't mind you using it, but can I get photo credit? My name is Natalia Ciolko, aka Natty Rebel. Thanks!

Hypelikkle1 said...

yea lupe! can't wait for you to come to NYC

Myles said...

I went to the autgraph signing in Austin, then I went to the show @ Emo's. Front row, for the second time. I was front row @ the Lupe & Roots show last Feb. Here's some fly pics I got, if you want more, hit me up


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Nikki_P_Fiasco said...

I was at the autograph signing and the show as well. He really does seem to be a very humble guy. I was in shock and I told him I loved him then he said I LOVE YOU TOO!!! The show was awesome!! He did almost everything you could think of, even did Switch (The Science Project) from the mixtape, "Revenge of the Nerds". I also have pictures, BUT I'M NOT SHARING MINE!!!

Great guy, great show, can't wait til the next one.