Saturday, January 26, 2008

Lupe Fiasco Speaks Cool with RWD

So how has Lupe been since Food and Liquor?
I’m good. You know… busy. I’m kinda just geeking my way through this stardom I guess.

Are things getting easier or harder?
I guess it’s getting medium [laughs]. It’s less extreme. Kinda stuff is expected. It’s kinda becoming a nice dull little world. Another party, another gig… another, ok. The shows have been more exciting though. The attendance and the response to the shows have been crazy


Anonymous said...

Yea I'm not too surprised things havin been getting duller for Lupe, he's so underappreciated. The few smart enough to pay attention to lyrics thankfully raise the attendance in his shows which are probably fresh as hell.

K. Denise said...

...and I second that.

Anonymous said...

Most definitely agree. Doing the same thing everybody else does over and over gets boring real quick. I really do hope that Lupe maintains his geekness and doesn't fall to the dark side of major music and ultra marketing. After deep hits like Conflict Diamonds & Much More (Farenheit 1/15 Part II) and Daydreamin' (Food & Liquor), I hope he doesn't start getting all flashy and whatnot.

Even Jay-Z and Nas nowadays have turned it down a little bit and dress much more conservative in their shows. I know Hip-Hop is about style, but content is much more important.


Anonymous said...

part 2 ??