Tuesday, February 26, 2008

XXL Must Really Be Feeling Lupe Fiasco

Im reading the April 2008 issue of XXL right now, and at first I thought maybe I was going crazy because I was noticing alot of things in the magazine pertaining to Lupe Fiasco. And then I actually had to stop, go back through the magazine and I realized that it wasn't just me and that the people over at XXL must really be feeling Lupe and his new album "The Cool."

I already knew that Gemstones was in the Show & Prove section of the magazine. But throughout the ENTIRE MAGAZINE, Lupe Fiasco is directly, discreetly and subliminally being mentioned in a bunch of sections. He is in the...

Negro Please section for his "Gangster Comment" he made in Entertainment Weekly a while ago.

Make Way Section where they joke about Child Rebel Soldiers, saying their album will be titled "Rebels with Scarves" with their lead single being "We Stay Fly (Maaalllin') HAHAHA

XXLMag.com where they show an online poll they did asking "Should Lupe Fiasco Retire after his next album," and 68% of people said No, Hip Hop Needs Him, and then the next highest percent was like Lupe Who?

Move the Crowd Section where they talk about his stage show at the Showbox in Seattle.

The Eye Candy Section is titled "Go Baby"

The cover article they did on Snoop Dogg is titled "The Coolest"

A section called "Back Up In This Bitch" which discusses West Coast rap, has segments in it titled "US Placers" and "Hi-Definition"

Another section called the The Show: Reign of the Tech that shows off some tech gagdets is titled "Go Go Gadget Flow"

I don't know what all this means, but after getting my Sherlock Holmes and now my Miss Cleo on for a second, Im predicting that we may be seeing a Lupe Fiasco XXL cover in the Future.


Chi City Animated said...

its nice that XXL decided to get off Interscope's dick! lol. But seriously though, a Lupe cover would be hot!!!!

Hypelikkle1 said...

^^^^^^I second that!

Mia said...

I third it!! He is finally getting what is due! With him AND Superstar being on 106 and Park and all. I know he lovin it!

K. Denise said...

man...i used to hate that interscope shit lol. The titles would be song names from 50 and dem alot of the time. I agreed with everybody but I thought it'd be awfully lame of me to 4th something...after 3rd thats it.

Anonymous said...

It's my knowledge (I am a journalist)that one of the editors over at XXL is a HUGE fan of Lupe Fiasco...HUGE. So that may be the reason for the new fanfare over there.

Not to mention that he is, and always has been, undeniably talented.

Anonymous said...

I could see Lupe on the cover of XXL saying Welcome to the Cool

angelaaina said...

LOL at how you broke things down and channeled Shirlock Homes in order to fiqure out what's going on with the magazine. Anywayz, great for Lupe! People are beginning to see what we've been seeing in him!

Anonymous said...

first i must say I LOVE INTERSCOPE AND I HAVE NO PROBLEM WITH THEM WHATS SO EVER....but yeah id rather see Lu in xxl lol

Anonymous said...

i never really read XXL but with Gemstones and Lupe being in their i think i might have to go pick it up.

P.S. - LOL at the miss Cleo and shirlock holmes thing. The show in seattle was ridiculous! their was hella people their and everyone barely fit in!

Elysse said...

yea, id be nice to see him on the cover.

but heres my weird... thing:ive been listening to lupe for a long time and im glad that everyones deciding to jump on the lupe fiasco bandwagon now.. u know, its good for him. but when he was at a lower key, i felt like i kinda had him all to myself, u know?