Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Lupe Talks Racism

Yeah I Know Im Late...Life is Occupying My Time.


angelaaina said...

Oh okay! Cause I was like...uuhhmm I've seen this already, she just now posting it? LOL But you guys are doing a fine job on this blog with keeping Lupe's fans posted on the lastest news so dont feel bad! ;)

j said...

omg lupe i feel you ! & this is why i love you so much ! [= yes yes .. indeed i do .

jay said...

i'll be thinking about this for the next 2 weeks now lol

Freddy said...

said "know what I'm saying" at least 27 times lol. It's all good though, I know he's not stupid.

mk said...

One of the worst Lupe interviews ever. This is almost as bad as Nas interviews

-“Racism is a necessary evil” “to keep democracy and to keep us all comfortable”. “We gonna deprive our next generation of history”… that’s the spirit.

-“A drug dealer would crush Obama in a discussion.” Really a drug dealer will crush a Harvard Law School graduate?

-“Malcolm X and Martin Luther King didn’t get along.” It is true that Malcolm X and King disagreed on lot of issues, but it is important to distinguish between Malcolm X before after NOI. Malcolm X": Dr. King wants the same thing I want -- freedom!" Even though Malcolm X still expressed disagreement with King after leaving NOI it is also true that expressed sympathy with King’s methods and actually attended a couple of meetings with King.

- “(Malcolm X) said no you better shoot them crackers”- seriously. Do I really have to argue? I think somebody has to read that autobiography again.

-Lupe loves the N-word because it is part of history. How does that comply with “We gonna deprive our next generation of history”.
I rest my case. I love Lupe’s music but he really has to stop talking about social matters and politics. He sounds extremely unintelligent and self contradicting.

Anonymous said...

Just because lupe paraphrased a bit doesn't mean he sounded unintelligent. I see what you are saying to an extent. True, Most drug dealers probably do not speak as well as Obama. But then again, just because someone graduated from an ivy league school does not mean that they can speak well and definitely does not mean they are intelligent. Example: George Bush. Yale Grad.

I agree with you about the n word point. Why would I want to use a word that caucasians used to degrade my ancestors, break their spirit, and make them ashamed of their color?

I respect Lupe's opinion and definitely respect him as an artist. I am glad that I listened to that.

Anonymous said...

Yo when you listen to things like this you gotta take into context the way he's saying these thing. He said "A drug dealer would crush Obama in a discussion." he's not meaning any joe blow off the street, but that there are people in this world who make choices to be certain things when they could be anything! He's saying that just because dude chose to sell drugs, doesn't mean he's an idiot outside of that one dumb decision.

and with the whole deprivation of our children thing, he was saying a big IF ya know? like IF we want our kids to be absolutely unknowledgeable about racism, we would have to go to the extreme of making it never exist. and he's saying thats not only not feasible, because it will forever live in the memories of the people afflicted, but also that it's unreasonable because knowledge of what happened in the past moves us forward to a better future

"Before we go forward, we gotta take it back/ Back so we can no what it did/ Cause if we never know what happened in the past/ then we can never know, just what it is" -Lupe "Change" Joy Denalane

He speaks better in his lyrics than in conversational talk because with lyrics you have to be clearer and more directional about thoughts, where as when you're just talkin you tend to make tangential statements that might take away from your point. Ya I don't agree with everything he says but dude brings it on da mic tho, believe dat!


Mia said...

Lol, Lu is crazy! I was so embarassed. I was at work sitting next to my co-worker and I was watching it. I could barely hear it, so I turned it up. It just so happen that the next words were "Fuck you cracker". I turned it off and I just looked at my screen because my co-worker is white. I hope she didn't hear it, I don't want her to get a bad impression of him since she didn't hear it all.

I'm not sure where you live, but dome drug dealers are highly intellegent!!! Not all of them but there are exceptions. He doesn't mean all. Just because you are a drug dealer it doesn't make you stupid. You may have just mad a bad decision! I thought it was a good idea to deprive the youth of their history, on that one particular topic. It is done EVERYDAY!! So many people created history it is ridiculous!!Racism is getting out of hand. He said that HE loves the n-word, not Oh I think everyone should use it!!

Tainted Dragon said...

I think, in Hip-Hop, the issue of racism has shifted. It's not so much black and white anymore, after Eminem, lots of doors were open. On the corporate side, it's still an issue but 50, Jay-Z, and Diddy are waging that war. Yet, how likely is Hip-Hop to accept a lyricist of another race? For so long, Hip-Hop has accompanied the "black", minority, voice. I'd argue, in the world of Hip-Hop, black is the majority; so what of the other minorities? Witness The Rebirth (on YouTube) is a series to expose that sense of racism at a time with real Hip-Hop is fragile. Can the saviour to Hip-Hop be another race, would Hip-Hop allow it?

Nas' next album, entitled "N-gger", is going to expose another form of discrimination. The term has always moved, once it referred to the Irish because of their red hair. I anticipate Nas next album will expose new problem of discrimination.