Tuesday, February 12, 2008

More of MY Videos from the Sonar

Filmed by Muah
Sonar in Baltimore, Maryland

I Call This One Lupe Holliday...

DayDreaming...Grammy Award Winning Song

American Terrorist

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Anonymous said...

whered they go?

Anonymous said...

did he do any mixtape songs???

Anonymous said...

How come no one posted this link...


It's the videos that MTV is showing this week

poldudley said...


Been a fan since kickpush, but i just recently purchased the new album. it's saying a lot coming from me being it that i rarely ever purchase albums. but im glad i did it! im glad i did it.

also- i dont know if its asking for too much, but im helping coordinate the 11th annual Youth and Identity Event in L.A. set by a non-profit organization. The event is for the community's underestimated youth and their struggle to find their identities regardless of the cards they are dealt with.

as i was listening to your album, it reminded me of our purpose. the whole lot of it, esp tracks number 17, number 18. hip hop saved my life. intruder. all of em. if you could help out in any way, shape, or form, it'd truly be an honor.


Puddleglum said...

congrats on the grammy! let me know when you're in la next. i hardcore wanna shoot with you. on me.

and holler if you want to do a viral-style shoestring video for anything!



.jas. said...

damn! lupe ripped it on "daydreamin'! i love it! great video shots by the way :)

meli mel said...

yess those videos came out great...I think the B-more show was my favorite...