Saturday, February 9, 2008

Q & A with Lupe Fiasco

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Knowxone: Peace, Peace. So, is this your first time in Hawaii?

Lupe: Yes.

K: What places did you get a chance to check out since you’ve been on the island?

L: [We] went to the Pali View [Lookout], Wahiawa and a few places on the East side of the island.
K: Word. So you know Ian from Kicks/HI pretty good, right?

L: Yeah.

K: How did you guys form that relationship?

L: Well, when he first opened St. Alfred in Chicago, you know, I went in and paid a visit to the store and he was there. I went to say “What up.” We talked for a few minutes and found out we both knew the same people, and we just clicked. The store sort of became my new hangout.

K: Have you always been into the streetwear scene? And how did you get introduced to it?

L: Yeah, actually about like 2003-ish I went to Undefeated in LA. I was just looking for some new shoes, and I was like “Damn. They got different colors in these?”

K: So just from that experience, that was it?

L: Yeah. Fasho.


Torrance Stephens bka All-Mi-T said...

I would have asked him what is apealing about Obamas economic policy and if he has had any communication with him....just m tw0 cents...glad his album is in the top 5 he deserves it...muah and folk, do stop by my spot on te regular if u can

Hypelikkle1 said...

man...the music biz is what tearing him down, damn...but that's good that he'll still perform and stuff after the last album

Knowxone said...

Thanks for putting the interview up on your site. If it's true on the whole aspect of "no more recorded music," then it's a loss on the Hip-Hop industry AND culture. But he's also a 'business, man." Can't knock his hustle, but it's a shame.
At least drop some mixtapes.