Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Lupe Fiasco x Converse

Limited edition Lupe fiasco Converse.
these aren't actually set for a release but we may get suprised...
their hot!!

source: Complex


Anonymous said...

These are converse i will purchase.. I like it!!!

K. Denise said...

Ill take those...you think theyll make em in a 4? lol

Anonymous said...

Oh my, I want 'em!

loveleely06 said...

i love chucks and lupe fiasco,a dn the thought of mixing them together only gets me hard. but these are ugly.

Chi City Animated said...

cool...how much?

Anonymous said...

These shoes. Must have them. Willing to sell my baby. Please contact. Lol

jkm said...

I Like the sneaks. I hope the cost no more than at least $45-$50.

propayne93 said...

doze is dope as hell, especially since all i wear are chucks lol


enoch said...

Yeah I'll rock chucks anyday like my J. Lennons, and B. Marelys
But I'm not feeling that shine like a dime look. Lupe can rock them though......and the fans
I'd buy them if there were proceeds going somewhere other than his pockets...(though I love stiches in his pockets as well) I'd cop anybody's shoe if they didn't get to soc all the money but at least to the ones in need

B said...

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Anonymous said...

*they're hot. not to offend, i'm just a grammar nazi.

Le GemDior said...

Converses are my fav. shoes..
Lupe My fav. Rapper
what could be better?
(if they had food & liquor cover drawn on it)
i'm definitely gettin' some tho..
a yessir

~Le GemDior~

xxxseed said...


check it out

®FH, Inc. said...

yup, these kick's are too nice! they need to get 'em in stores, ASAP!

FlamboyantHotsouce, Inc.
gorgeous music!

TheParadoxicMiss said...

I so want those hopefully they come in a 7.
I will buy mmhm.