Monday, March 10, 2008

Superstar Remix feat. Jeezy and T.I.

Listen Here

Also visit Way More Fresher for the downloadable version...

P.S. Im currently Spring Breaking so bare with me...Anybody wanna guest blog for a week??? Email me at if you're interested. You gotta have a gmail account...


RubeksCube said...

could have done without jeezy and T.I......but Lupe Murdered this track.........again.

Ghett0 said...

hey hey you got the email

good stuff

our creative lupe partnership continues

K. Denise said...

damnit. I wish I could guest blog but I suck this week lol...and somebody should call me and play that song since I cant listen to it any time soon.

Mendi said...

I just listened to it. I'm sorry but this is why I'm not a fan of remixes. It's cool when they do something new and/or make a song become something better with a remix, but this... I'm sorry but I don't quite call it an improvement. Whatever.... at least Lupe's verse was good though.

Rachel said...

Check ya email

1ne said...

Jeezy's verse was not so bad, I enjoyed it.

T.I's verse was SUB-Par in delivery I think, and just overall.

But it's not fair you know? This is of course comparable to Lupe.

Your on your fifteenth minute of fame and on the sixteenth beginnith the lame
and on 17th you lose everything. The 21st is the worst wishin you was 11
poppin like you was 7 with the feelin you were 2nd.
Reminisicin when you were just in, now you just him, no longer the trend
they dress in, now you wonderin where all the press went, you no longer impress them
get arrested paparazzi will press then. I fail on purpose to stay a freshmen
i lose but lu attended school for X-men so when I get my cap and gown
and put the rappin down i'll only know half my powers but I spent half and hour
like a senior citizen havin a baby shower haters wanna budget but my fans still love it
so you can ask them exactly who I are, 9 weeks at number one, I'mma superstar.

Anonymous said...

fuck jeezy and t.i. for even TRYING to put themselves on a lupe track, THERE IS NO COMPARISON

how foolish of them, lupe killed this