Tuesday, March 18, 2008

watch hip hop saved my life here!

here we are ladies and gentlemen!
stack that cheese!


Anonymous said...

ok you did get it! yesss!!!

Le GemDior said...

He Should put this video out there..I thought it was supposed to be low budget like "Dumb It Down" but I guess that's low budget to L.u.p. Emperor since he STACK THAT CHEESE! lol
overall video was extremely gooooooodddd
fnf u......P!

what up BISHOP!

xxxseed said...

really good vid, should get him some sales. But is it me or did his mouth seem out of sync with the lyrics sometimes

Chi City Animated said...

So when is "Paris, Tokyo" coming Cornell Westside!?

Anonymous said...

I'm a Fiasco Fan and All...
But the Video wasn't that great,
when you think about the song and the story, it talks about this cat who wants to make it right?
So the video should have shown the young guy living in the Slums,
horrible conditions, kinda like Hustle and Flow...
and the video was TOOOOO bright like Damn,it reminded me of that stupid Hate it or Love it track video from The Game
it should have been a bit darker...
BUt on the real I ain't watching this video again its mad Soft,
The producer for the video Flopped
that was mad wack for real still
Album is still Nasty.

P.s. point of paul wall in the video ? Lol

hah Cornell WEstside is Kanye Lol
Not Lupe

Anonymous said...

I AGreee !!!

It should have been like 8Mile
Cuz WIth the OPen Mic Check Two WEeks in a ROw !

Anonymous said...

It's definately off sync. I'd compare it to the iTunes version, but I'd rather die before I endorse something Apple (one of the worst companies ever, look at those shady warranties)

On topic: Sort of random cameo by Paul Wall and the other guy I constantly forget the name of?
The guy that plays the struggling MC failed hard... he just sucks at it.
I think less Lupe and Nikki Jean and more acting of the video would've been sweet.

Suga' said...

I loved the video, I think it told the story quite well and a lot of people will be able to relate too it. And Nikki Jean and Lupe the flyest people ever they look good on screen together.

FNF Up and Away!

Bob Tha Wonder said...

whoever says this video "could have been better" can't relate at all to it's concept.

as an aspire'n mc in a less than opportune situation, the video is definitely fulfill'n. if you don't know what it's like to be "2 days from go'n back to sell'n crack", then it might just seem a lil' "soft"

but f*ck that tho...the video is great. it's really what lupe needs to get that recognition he deserves. and hell, it might convince some dudes to find a better way to come up. "show the homies it's a way, better thatn that flip'n yay"

Good sh*t Lu.

FnF UP & Away..!

The MC of 1000 names said...

first of all...to the dude who just said Cornell Westside is Kanye...ur a fool...please listen to just might be okay again g...2ndly, why would they make the video dark? Its called realism. I'm not sure what hood you live in, but I'm pretty sure it has a sun.

Shit was raaw

The MC of 1000 names said...

oh...and 2 all yall who are sayin that Bun B and Paul Wall are random cameos...the song is a tribute to Houston...clue in sons

Germany said...

Definitely a hot video. One of my favorite tracks from the CD for sure especially since he is rapping about the H, my hometown. I dig the blog. Good ish. Make sure you peep mine. Im just starting out with the blog and all. My website is coming soon as well.

Much Love,

Anonymous said...

I thought the video was nice. Lupe and Nikki looked great. Big improvement, his videos are getting better and better. If this is what one calls, "low budget" or "underground" then I can't wait to see Paris/ Tokyo! It better be good!!!!!!!!!!! No,it will be good:)

I just had to say again that Lupe Fiasco looked sexy as hell on that video! Sorry, groupie moment :(

E-rob1 said...

Yeah he's def. rappin about a dude from Houston...com'on people let's hear the lyrics! Video was dope tho, no complaints, except that they should have showed the Honda lol

216 on Deck! Lupe needs to do a song wit Chip Da Ripper!!

Anonymous said...

i loved it.

!ma i enyAW said...




angelaaina said...

Great video! Enuff said!

loveleely06 said...


Ken said...

I'm glad I got to see the video before it was removed. :O)

Anonymous said...

EXACTLY (good look MC OF 1000) ...Lupe has repeatedly said in interviews of his that the song is a tribute to THE COOL houston rappers.

And seeing as though, Slim Thug, Paul Wall n dem are apparently HUGE on the H-Town hip hop scene, i'd hardly call it RANDOM cameos.

Nick Lowtan said...

Lupe man! This is like your BEST track off the album! Make this a single along with Paris Tokyo you'll get MAD money dont make this underground like dumb it down homie this is like the BEST TRACK put it out there big homie!

Anonymous said...

I know this is off the subject but, does anyone find Lupe Fiasco inspiring? Not just his music, but his life, or the little we know about it. The past two years were not his best. (To keep this comment on a positive note, I will not reiterate Lupe's misfortunes). Yet, Lupe Fiasco prevailed. Not only did Lupe prevaile but, he bitch slapped adversity like it stole something from his momma...... and does that just inspire you to get up and nock the shit out of misfortune! Sorry for cursing.