Sunday, April 20, 2008

DJ Hyphen Interviews N.E.R.D in Seattle

I know your thinking "what does this have to do with lupe" well...Dj Hyphen interviewed N.E.R.D and he asked Pharrell about CRS (and mentioned Lupe of course) CLICK HERE to listen to what Pharrell had to say and heres a youtube clip of the interview

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propayne93 said...

I'm 1100% with what Pharrell is doing with the mental visuals of entertainment. I recently had a discussion wit my homie asking if he saw colors when he heard music just to see if i wasn't crazy or not and he actually said yes. Following that we listened to all of our songs and came up with the same colors for every song. I see more colors than shapes and such. But i applaud Pharrell and N*E*R*D for what they are doing and I personally believe that it is the future of Hip-Hop and music in all. Expanding the average human mind through one of the most hated on genres of music.