Friday, April 18, 2008

Just A Reminder

If you entered into the Lupe Fiasco at SOBs contest, you need to CHECK YOUR EMAIL. I've already let down a couple of people who did not check their email in time and therefore I had to inform them that I was choosing someone else as the winner. I am going to chose another winner later on tonight. So if you would like to enter into the contest, feel free to do so TONIGHT. And remember to check your email to confirm with me that you will be able to attend.

THANX MUAH!!!...Sorry to those of you who really won, but did not check your email in time. Better Luck next time.

Also Check out for videos and a re-cap of Million $ Mano's (of He Say She Say) Bday Bash last night.


Anonymous said...

How do you enter?

JLBuckk said...

i blogged about lupe the other day.

everyone should check it out on my page!

shamal said...

where should i send my review of the gitd tour (except not really) and my encounter with lupe at the rasputin signing in san jose? a lot went down from getting asked about the fnf series one shirt to lupe taking my friend's 'f'ing good nerd' shirt and keeping it for himself, hahaha. pictures would be included, too. let me know, thanks!