Friday, April 11, 2008

Lupe Interview at

this is old but I came across it and i dont think its been posted so here it is...

I Like Music caught up with LUPE FIASCO to talk about his new single and album, his music making process, comic strips and skateboarding.

"I Like Music because.... it gives me a chance to escape and reach people I wouldn't ordinarily be able to reach. And without music the world would be kinda quiet." LUPE FIASCO

ILM: "Superstar," 'is the brilliant new single due out on January 14th. Fame isn't what you got into music for and yet you have it. How do you deal with it?

LUPE: I don't know. I don't think there is a way to deal with it. You've just got to continue to live your life as you did before, as much as you can because it can eat away at you. Sometimes it's cool to go out and have a bunch of people calling out your name, but other times you find yourself, that's all you do, your personal life is precious though. I love my fans but I love my personal life, my family and long-term things."

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Anonymous said...

That interview was great. My favorite interview would have to be from Lupe's official site. Can't remember what magazine it was from. The article talked about Lupe as a child, he could not tie his shoes until he was eight. The article was deeper than the above tid bit....well, you will see. But that was my favorite article. Not to sound creepy (too late lol) but it was more personal? After reading the magazine clip I was like wow, Lupe is a really decent individual.

Anonymous said...

I meant the article from Lupe's official web site is more personal. Sorry, I did not make myself clear.