Thursday, April 24, 2008

RIP to Orish from 702!

“Orish Grinstead of the R&B group 702 passed away this Sunday from kidney failure. The singer was the twin-sister of Irish, and one of three members of the Las Vegas-based group who spawned R&B hits such as ‘Steelo’ and ‘Get It Together’ back in the late 90s. She was only 27.”


This isn't Lupe related but DAMN who DIDN'T LOVE 702 back in the day! If yall remember 702 was 4 member group and Orish was one of original members. Damn this is condolences go out to the whole family. Here's a lil 702 to refresh yall memory lol

702 "Steelo"

702 "Where my girls at"



Anonymous said...

Some of the people who frequent this blog are not old enough to remember 702. Many 702 fans don't recall Orish. She left the group before Steelo was released. Orish was a very beautiful and talented woman. My condolences to all her family and friends.

Pree said...

I remember her. I had forgotten all about her but I googled the group and it hit me "This lil Game We Play". She was in the original 702.

Anonymous said...

I'm only 18 but I remember them being a four member group. I loved 702! Especially, "This Lil Game We Play" (that was my favorite song). I pray for her family.