Sunday, April 20, 2008

What would Lupe have to say about this....


DETROIT -- Police are looking for a Westland man who killed a rapper this week after taking offense to something said during a rap contest.

The incident happened Monday in a home located in the 180000 block of Bradford on the city's east side. Police say there was a rap battle, in which participants come up with insulting rhymes aimed at their competitors.

Police say 28-year-old Antoine Tramble became angry at something a 27-year-old rapper said, so he left the home and then returned with a gun. Tramble opened fire, killing the man, police said. The victim's name has not been released.

Tramble then fled the home and escaped in a blue conversion van, investigators said.

Anyone with information is being asked to contact Detroit Police Homicide at (313) 596-2260; or the anonymous Crime Stoppers hot line at (800) SPEAK-UP.


SMH What is the world coming too!?!? I guess Hip Hop couldn't save one person's life...


Brandi C. said...

Damn its always something going on in my city!

Mendi said...

I'm honestly speechless. That's messed up!

propayne93 said...

see, thats why i dnt battle, i'd be the nigga gettin shot smh, this is what fuels al sharpton cats and turn hip hop down smh, this is sad

K. Denise said...

Thats just fuckin stupid.

1ne said...

Man... Thats idiotic, like immeasurably ignorant. I would love to know the pretenses in which this occurred though, such as:

1. Who went first?
2. What the hell did he say?
3. Was it hot?
4. Have they seen the Math V. Dose Battle on YouTube video too many times?
5. How do you stay mad at a punchline long enough, to go home, go get your gun, come back, and shoot dude? You had better lived in the next room.

...Once again... Just ridiculous.

Anonymous said...

Hip hop didn't save his life this time around. That's stupid for real.