Saturday, April 12, 2008

You Broke The Song Down ALL Wrong

Something, Something, Something...
Well...I noticed that people breakdown Lupe Fiasco's songs left and right. And 85.92% of the time its WRONG WRONG WRONG. However HHSML, isnt a difficult, lyrical type song, we all knew it was about a Texas rapper, but an ACTUAL Texan rapper? Get out...Here's an interview from MTV from HipHopDX about the inspiration behind Hip Hop Saved My Life. You know two days from going back to selling crack...

"… I was just sitting back, soaking it all in,” Lupe said. “And I was just thinking, 'How can I pay Bun B back?'"

PS. Who heard about the MC Eli & FNF Beef? I Did, and when i say that statement its completely fabricated. Link comes later.
Shoutout to Shamal & UNI. Done


Anonymous said...

Yeah I thought it was just a tribute to Bun B about the H-Town, didn't know it was modeled after Slim Thug though.

Oh yeah sean-the-current blogger seems to have become faster than the fems at getting lupe news quicker... check the paris tokyo pics!

Beat him to the video and you are forgiven!

Chi City Animated said...

Well the song did sound like it was talking about Slim Thug now that I think about it. "Reps North and rocks them braids/1100 friends on his myspace page" And he was dangerously close "from going back to selling crack, yessir"...Either way the song is amazing and I love the video

Jasmine said...
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Anonymous said...

Yeah, I thought it was pretty obvious, but I must say this:


Seriously, anyone can interpret anything they want into the God damn songs, it's how motherfucking poetry works.
There may only be one intended interpretation by Lupe, but some stuff he writes has several meanings or might have a certain meaning for someone because they can relate it to themselves.

W®GN said...

Lol, what are you getting mad for? Its a blog, damn.

frank lucas said...

The song was DEDICATED to Bun B
But the song was about SLIM THUG

Suppish said...

The real question is, in the chorus for HHSML, does Nikki Jean sing:

Hip hop has saved my life
Hip hop just saved my life
Hip hop you saved my life

I've looked on a lot of lyrics sites (they're shite for Lupe lyrics), and all 3 appears.


shamal said...


Mendi said...

Thank goodness for headphones that let you hear *everything*! I think it's "Hip-hop you saved my life." Matter of fact, I'm pretty damn sure of it!

Anonymous said...

I love this site but idk, there has been many( and I mean many) wrong wrong interpretations of songs.
I.E. you guys saying that little weapon is someone playing a video game. maybe Bishop g's verse but not the whole thing. I mean if the gate was opened we might as well talk about it.

W®GN said...

I dont really, know if this site actually breaksdown songs. And i dont remember that, i take it as Bishop G raps about video games. Lupe about kids with guns, or child rebel soldiers.