Thursday, May 22, 2008

Drugs Couture

About DRUGS Couture
DRUGS Couture is a concept driven street wear brand whose philosophy is simple:

WOMAN is the world's oldest and most addictive Drug.

"Not only is woman a drug sexually, but man (and even women for that matter) as far back as history tells us have been addicted and fiends for her. Her scent, Her looks, Her touch, almost anything and everything surrounding woman and the feminine principle; the entire world in one way or another are addicts of the drug known as WOMAN"
The philosophy of this exclusively female only line is easily expressed in the companies two slogans

"Addiction Is Love" & "Withdrawal is a Broken Heart".

With quality product, great craftsmanship and such potent ideas and designs, DRUGS Couture, along with their I AM HERoin(e) sub-line (shirts which each season boldly proclaim our female leaders, hero's and inspirations as the dope that runs through earth's veins) this line is sure to have you hooked after just one hit (purchase).

Drugs Couture is a Florida-based brand.

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Rheeeee said...

thats fly man...

and this isnt rly to do with the subject but .... can i just ask a question..

i think u guys mentioned on here that Lu was going to do a show in Manchester, UK... and i was going to get tickets but now there's no tickets for the show on the net...

do u know if its been cancelled?
i'd really appreciate it if u tell me any info on it thannkkku

Becca the Promo Mami said...

thanks for the post!!!

much much appreciates

propayne93 said...

HAHA!!! BOYS WITH FAKE KICKS HAVE SMALL DICKS!!! HAHAHAHAHAAAAA!!!! ::looks at his crisp dunks in the corner::