Friday, May 30, 2008

DJ Hyphen Appreciation Post!

DJ Hyphen is a DJ out of the Seattle that next to DJ Simonsayz (HI SIMON!), hes a favorite of mine lol I appreciate him because he has IMO the best Lupe Fiasco interviews ever...they are always interesting and natural lol Hyphen is just all around a dope person so enough of the talk lol...check out his interviews with Lupe and you will see what im talking about :)

DJ Hyphen Intervews Lupe Fiasco 11/19/07

Return of FNF Radio-DJ Hyphen Interviews Lupe Fiasco 09/2006

Check out Hyphen's MYSPACE PAGE for his FiascoGate remix of Superstar that I think is pretty dope :)


Anonymous said...

kaycee Fuck you.

-LupEnd Blog


xoxjunebabyxox said...

Whoever the hell is posting that man up and identify yourself cause you are not from the LupEnd Blog and the shit is not funny. Stop harassing these girls, they aren't doing anything but giving you the information you want to here about.. which you honestly don't deserve. Its sad when people want attention so bad that they look for it online.

LupEnd Blog

xoxjunebabyxox said...


DJ Hyphen said...

aww thanks KayCee! Thanks for the love, right back atcha.

If anyone wants more info on my show or to check out a ton more interviews, you can check it all here:

holler @ me

K. Denise said...

Youre right tho I love those interviews. Theyre on the Zune already.

N3RD said...

Ey look a little child lost on the internet..

stop posting those comments to those girls .. you got no life? ... damn i feel sorry for you ..

Peace a dutch N3RD