Wednesday, May 21, 2008

June 7th let's get get get it..

After the glow in the dark tour left california, i made this song.
-xxlaserxx -
however, it appears as though there are still kind humans on the earth. i have fortunately received a ticket from one of them (thank you again ^_^) and because of this, i will be attending. anyone else going on the 7th? if so? let's get get get it. indeed.
your friend,

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TCdakid said...

yoo turbo this is straight fire i dont know why lupe hasn't sign you yet - TCdakid

amirah:the uncool said...

haha that's hot homie! this is a hot track...will be put on my blog soon :-)

Nate the Late said...

This is damn good..any chance I can get it?

Good song man

Fly Ty said...

if this don't get people to check for my Imeem page...what will?

djzap said...

i remember that 2nd verse from a while back, though i didnt know it was you. good job on the track, not really feelin the beat tho. if you get me the acapella i could remix it for you. check out my beats