Monday, May 26, 2008

Gemstones Interview on

Let me ask you man, Lupe kind of gets put in that box with Kanye and Pharrell, that whole hipster, skateboarding thing. Do you feel you’re in that box as well?

They say if you wanna know where you’re going in life then look who you’re around. They say birds of a feather flock together. That’s who I roll with and that’s who I break bread with. I make similar music but when I drop the album I don’t know if that’s where they’ll put me. Not that that’s a bad place to sit because Kanye, Pharrell, and Lupe are all real successful. I would hope that they would sit me alone because I wanna be different. I wanna be left of everybody else. If they’re left then I wanna go right. I’m my own entity but I would be cool with a Kanye, Lupe, or Pharrell box.

Being signed to a successful artist in Lupe Fiasco, do you think you will get stuck in his shadow?

Nah not at all because I’m just as good as Lupe. For the most part when you have artists signed to other artists the main artist is the best artist. It’s like the artist plays Robin to the artist who signed them, like the Batman. With us it’s like a toss up. Some people might think Lupe is better than Stones and some people might think Stones is better than Lupe. I’m just not there yet but my talent holds just as much weight as Lupe’s. I compliment his style and he compliments mine. Talent wins in the end so when this mixtape drops and then the album sfter that people will see that I can hold my own.

The only two that did that before in my opinion was Jay and Beans. Remember around the Dynasty? There was a time when it was a toss up and some people thought Beans was better than Jay. That’s the only other situation like that that I can remember.

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