Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Lupe on stage with NERD

Thanks again to my homie Showcase who sent this over :) Looks like they had fun!


angelaaina said...

I dont mean to sound like a hater....but....this particular performance was WAY BETTER AND MORE HYPED UP IN ATLANTA's show than this clip....Like the crowd was going NUTS!!! SERIOUSLY!!!!!

Jasmine said...

definitely agree with angelaaina
my short ass couldn't even see the stage cause everyone was jumping and hopping around so much. The energy at the ATL show was definitely more hype

Anonymous said...

"like the crowd was going NUTS!!!"

this just shows how closed minded ppl are. if you think this is "nuts" you mustve not seen concerts outside of the u.s. mosh pits, riots and all that. you are lame. next thing you gonna say is golf spectators are the best fans in the world... get it right !