Monday, May 26, 2008

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MY LIL EARS I LUV U!!!!!!!!!!!!

Breezys get off his tip cuz If he didnt flow so crisp, I bet yall hoes wouldnt even notice this.. F&F free chilly, B.C in this bitch... Assalamulaikum to L.U.P thts da kid...

Loving this black n white classic pic! My baby is handsome! That infamous frown!

ur the sexyest geek i ever seen lol

The honorable prophet Wasalu Muhammad ladies and gentle men applaud throwing out my whole wardrob im trying to get on some shit like you kid...


reminds me of ghandi for some reason

...and about a million Malcolm X comments


~Allie. said...

Very hot photo. I didn't know about this blog until I listened to The Cool all the way thorough for the first time last night. I love it

enoch said...

The first time I heard Lupe was on some mixtape that a friend of mine was jamming in I had no idea who what where this kid was from... NOTHING.... so I went on a search for some cat that was flowing something sick like:

In my laboratory I create stories
Doze off then wake up surrounded by Forties
Wit glocks tucked in they labels
And they caps is baseball hats
Playin poker at a table
Cigarettes massage they shoulders in belly tops showin off they navels
A dime sack side bets, a tech is runnin' for president
Jesus pieces walk around with niggas hangin from they necks
Monoploy is playin' chess

Never seen , couldn’t imagine what to expect…..His voice distinctive as my ears had never experienced it…. Him… this….
I couldn’t get to him… I couldn’t find more…”Lupe who?” they would ask…
FIASCO!!!! My frustration grew….My torment in Dallas …

So I went to Houston… and of course he was spoken of there, copped a few mixtapes to passed them around to some friends and non-believers. There I feel in love with the headmaster of lyrics….

I used agree with Shawn…… expecting a cheap imitation from these generations,
But I think Lupe not so much a prophet, perhaps the conscious that lays below the Donks and Trunks…

So even in this pic have we ever seen him? I don’t even think those that surround him have even begun to master his cognition.

Anonymous said...

I think lupe would get mad if you referred to him as a prophet...considering the fact that he's Muslim