Monday, June 23, 2008

Behind the Scenes of "Paris Tokyo"

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Anonymous said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is there more? I still say that Lupe should have done the video in black and white. But what do I know? Or better yet, a more laid back modern version. You know with clips of him on the road, in concert and with his friends! And it could have that same underground/Spike Lee feeling Kick Push had. Yeah Lupe should pull a Kanye and do about 3 versions of Paris/Tokyo. Or better Lupe could do a video Gold Watch or The Die. Both should be animated. Man I am still waiting for that one Lupe Fiasco video that really captures the essence of his music and lyrics. The closest any videos have gotten was kick push and we on. Which was a Gem Stones/ Lupe collaboration. I'm rambling :(