Friday, June 13, 2008


Sad damn day when a pedophile walks free...


"CHICAGO — After seven and a half hours of deliberation over the course of less than two days, the jury in R. Kelly's child-pornography trial reached a decision: not guilty on all counts."

CLICK HERE to read the rest of this depressing news...

SMH...what in the CHESTER HELL is going on in Chicago?! Not Lupe Related but so what this is just the most RIDICULOUS news I have heard in a while...If im not mistaking wasn't Cook County the same county that gave Chilly that ridiculous 44 yr sentence? Something just ain't right...

Oh and it is kinda Lupe related because if you listened to the old episode of FNF radio the title will sound pretty gosh darn familiar to ya :)



where can we go 2 here old episodes of fnf radio? i've tried to google it but i guess im typin in the wrong thing.. help

FreeChilly said...

Dont get me wronn, its complete bullshit that R. Kelly gets to walk free. I also feel it is bullshit that Chilly got 44 years. However, I feel you are sounding a bit biases on the situation. To me, it sounds like you are just sticking up fro Chilly cuz hes Lupes friend. Im not trying to be a dick...Im just stating my opinion. I love this site.

Anonymous said...


I JUST KNEW someone was gonna have something to say...and NO its not being bias...its just straight up RIDICULOUS how a man that CLEARLY had sex with a minor AND FILMED THE DAMN THING can walk free and another who's offense IMO wasn't nearly as bad gets 44 yrs? Doesn't that sound a lil OFF to you? some rapist and killers have gotten less time than that...WTF is so bias about that?

Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

I feel that women of color (black women) are more prone to neglect concerning our justice system. Especially when it comes to violent sex crimes. If R Kelly were accused of the same grievances against young white women and or underage males it would be a totally different story. First of all this 5 years of eluding an actual trial mess,non existent. Second I can't say that he'd be in jail by now, but if the above crimes were committed within a different context(as stated before)R Kelly's career and image would be destroyed, example Micheal Jackson. What frustrates me, is that the public and music industry continue to either support R Kelly or just don't give a damn.

Anonymous said...

All I'm saying is if your putting someone else's name on something you shouldn't be spreading your opinion around like that ( especially such a hateful one). This is A Lupe blog. and if its going to be something unrelated to Lupe it shouldn't be something super venomous. It could have negative repercussions to the artist you love. and yes I already know your response. " this is my blog and this that and the third" But the truth is the truth. You shouldn't use this as your personal pulpit to preach from.

Anonymous said...

All I'm saying is if your putting someone else's name on something you shouldn't be spreading your opinion around like that ( especially such a hateful one). This is A Lupe blog. and if its going to be something unrelated to Lupe it shouldn't be something super venomous. It could have negative repercussions to the artist you love. and yes I already know your response. " this is my blog and this that and the third" But the truth is the truth. You shouldn't use this as your personal pulpit to preach from.


whatever...what i said wasnt even bad...seriously...this is getting to the point that i hate even coming to this blog and posting for you people...

Anonymous said...

I may be wrong but wasnt chilly selling drugs?

If not please inform me what he did

Sheena Medina said...


The point is: On The Lupe Fiasco Show the content should mostly be related DIRECTLY to Lupe Fiasco. Yes, he is from Chicago. Yes, he is a hip-hop artist, as is R.Kelly. I think the reason why you are upsetting so many people (not just on this topic, but several as of late) is that people come here looking for Lupe news. The term “news” in itself, means information about recent events or developments. This site should be treated as a “news” source and should remain neutral on non-Lupe related topics. Yes, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, and we all have freedom of speech. However, those negative ides should be saved for personal outlets. Not one that is directly associated with your beloved hip-hop artist. This draws negative attention to the content associated with The Lupe Fiasco Show and draws otherwise interested fans, away from Lupe. I know you do not intend for this to happen, but it’s happening already. Please make an effort to keep things positive, and not focus so much on defending yourself, so urgently, to those that disagree with you. It turns people off very quickly. -Sheena

Anonymous said...

I And it's safe to say that many of you( sheena medina and anonymous) are over reacting. Why? I'll give you five reasons:
1.The women of this blog do not get paid for their services and are thus entitled to creative license.
2. This is 1 out of a few times The Lupe Fiasco Show has strayed from subject matter.
3. Lupe is know for voicing his opinions on an array of subject matter besides music. So mimicking that behavior is in essence honoring Lupe not discrediting him.
4. It's not Kaycee's post that is venomous but the nature of R.Kelly's crime.
5. Sheena I've seen your creative and insightful blog. As strong as your opinions are on current world events I would think you'd be more tolerant of Kaycee's actions. Especially when it concerns the abuse of a 15year old girl.
The subject of R.Kelly is broader than Chilly and this blog.

Anonymous said...

really, weather or not R. Kelly should be in jail. Its real dirty that you wish he was in jail. Why wish something of that manner on somebody, cuz if it was one of your close family members im not sure u would saying the same negative things that u've said about R. Kelly. Who really comes outta nowhere with a post that says "R.KELLY GO TO JAIL!!!" You just lost some major points in my opion.

Anonymous said...

chilly really has nothing to do with R. Kelly at all, that was a waste of a post all together.

Sheena Medina said...

Anonymous blogger: You are still missing the point here. Whether I agree with Kaycee about R. Kelly or Lil’ Wayne, or not, this outlet should be reserved and treated as a News source for content directly related to Lupe Fiasco. Kaycee has her own personal blog. I have my own personal blog. Those are the forums in which to express personal, NON-LUPE related, opinions about anything you feel the need to express. Lupe voicing his opinion, as an artist, is completely different than the topic at hand. Yes, express yourself! But do it on your own time, and on your own dime. Not at the expense of Lupe Fiasco fans. Do you understand what I’m saying? To quote myself, “keep things positive.” –Peace, Sheena

AnTuan said...

Firstly; Everybody missed life_is_short's question, the site is

Facts are: The purpose of a blog is to say WHATEVER you want, and I mean WHATEVER.

Most people knew Robert the Pisser was gonna get off, but it's still perplexing as to how, oh wait no it's not, but that's another story for another time.

Chilly, got 44 years, that is the reality, I hope he isn't seriously about to be locked up for 44 years, because as horrible as drugs are, more horrible than pissing on people, the difference between getting off and 44 years in the magnitude of both crimes, and convictions coming from the same place means that the people who convicted them need an psychoanalysis, because you have to be on the same drugs you put one man away for, to let this man go without any punishment.

If you WERE NOT FAMILIAR WITH Chilly, and you heard the story of some guy getting locked up for 44 years for drugs in the same place R.Kelly jus got off, how would you feel about that system?

Now, the KayCee bashing:
If we all know one thing,
Lupe is about speaking from the heart. And this is the reason some people like him, some people don't and some people are indifferent.
This is why he's not so glorified, or his album didn't go platinum yet.

And what is it with this "super venomous" crap? This is life, in the U.S, during the worst period in a very long while, living is "super venomous" at this point, so why find yourself wrapped up in the mist of a blog, that isn't even about the wrong things?

NOBODY comes to this site and says, "THIS IS WHAT LUPE'S ABOUT!?
This is why Lupe Fiasco has an official site. If you read this blog, you can clearly see who writes in it, no one named Lupe, Wasalu, Mr. Jaco, nothing like that.


Does Lupe Fiasco talk about Lupe Fiasco all day long? NO!
So why should this blog? IT SHOULDN'T!
Not when there are greater things at hand. A blog is a personal outlet, and this is how express whatever it is that you feel.

Does Lupe only focus on the beautiful and sightly things going on? HELL NO!
So why should this Blog? it SHOULD NOT!

KayCee displayed her opinion, and you guys thrashed her over it, said it was not the right place, she should do it on her own time, and her own dime, not at the expense of a Lupe fan.

I am a Lupe fan, this is insightful to me, I appreciate another person's opinion because life isn't about what I want, it's about US, together.

And if you really look, you'll notice most of you committed the crime that your accusing KayCee of committing, you guys spoke your mind about an issue you thought was important, which is what your supposed to do!

Basically, Life ain't always what you want, but it's always what you need.


...HATERS, Well sorry.

Sheena Medina said...

Antuan: You’re still missing the point. As I said, I think a blog can be a personal outlet. However this is not “A” blog. It is “The Lupe Fiasco Show” blog, which means it has inherently dedicated itself to all of the aforementioned issues. Guess what? I’m a Lupe fan too, and if I wanted to know the latest and greatest about the R. Kelly trial, then I wouldn’t come to “The Lupe Fiasco Show” to find out. Do you get what I’m saying? No one’s saying that we all need to be in agreement on the direction that the administrators decide they want to take this blog. However, what I’m saying is that I do feel that because it has been named “The Lupe Fiasco Show” that is has a RESPONSABILITY to remain consistent with that direction.

Anonymous said...

sellin drugs isnt bad anymore? as long as he's associated with your favorite rapper i guess.

Anonymous said...

OK!!!i did nor read all the comments so i will not defend any1
1.)CHILLY went to jail for 44 freakin years nd its not cool bt he got caught doin his dirt and tht was the consequence,so it sucks bt ya

2.)I love r.kelly's music nd not really r.kelly himself cos he evn went out with aaliya(r.i.p to ya) and he got off for tht as well so yes he did not get the counts and is FREE AS A BIRD bt sori i dnt think his case shud b realted to chilli's in any way

doin dope nd doin time is right,if ur angry abt r.kelly bein innocent(when we kno he isn't)then leave it to God

but please dnt tlk abt freeing chilli nd r.kelly being free in 1 sentence
if chilli is really free and he shud be free(see freechilly)then God will recognise this and set him free(yes sarah and gemstones,God will hear track 2 on the cool lol)
chilli - keep ur head up(if ur innocent)
r kelly - no comment

i hope this wraps it up for y'all
i'm out and obviously i love lupe
and i got n*e*r*d's album yesterday,its sooooooo GOOD!!!best album of the year

angelaaina said...

All I have to say is I'm happy that you all are taking a stand against this kind of bullshit! If the girl was white, his ass would have been in prison a long time ago. Malestation and Rape is something that is sweapt under the rug in the black community and it's a shame!! THANK YOU FOR TAKING A STAND AGAINST SILENCE!!

Mia said...

I know I was pissed OFF!!! I took it personal and I wasn't even involved. I was mad as hell that he passed the blame on everyone but himself during the trail!! That b*tch isn't even a man! This is America, people can say what ever the hell they want!! So what if this blog has posts up other than Lu. Everyone is entitled to their own opinion. It looks like an r. kelly fan wanted to tell everyone how they felt but you cannot, CANNOT, justify a pedophile!! It kills me that people still buy his music and support him. He sold the most after the damn tape came out!! I would NEVER buy his music, before or after this whole situation. He is corny as hell and is NOT original. He comes out with the same molesting music every year and none of his b.s. makes any sense. You assume that Chilly was selling drugs, where you there? Was it taped? No, but some dumb ass had the nerve to tape his statutory rape situation. r. kelly is NOT hip hop, not even close. He WANTS to be a rapper but he sucks at singing. This is their f*cking blog and they can do what ever they please!! Kaycee I am happy that you put this up, this sh*t needs to be addressed!! You didn't even say anything bad. What you said, THE WHOLE WORLD ALREADY KNOWS!! He is a molester!!! If you don't like it GET THE F*CK FF OF THE BLOG!!! JUST THAT SIMPLE!! I wish he was in jail, justice needs to be served and it never is!! Just because he has face time on t.v. and dirty money, it doesn't make his crimes right. He isn't the only one who gets away with crimes so don't get it twisted, but he deserves to be in jail, ESPECIALLY if Chilly is in jail. Chilly sentence IS harsh!! What made you say do things on her own dime and time? I thought she said she wasn't getting paid for this? I THOUGHT she said that. Sheena, you sound so jealous. I think that is what I sense. If you don't like what they write, why are you still on the blog? Really is it that serious? She can have an opinion about anything on her own site. People do it all of the time. Besides it isn't THAT much stuff on Lupe to report everyday! They report on stuff that isn't Lu related all of the time. When they report on the FNF crew they don't always speak directly about Lu but his team. Some stuff is about Kanye tour, NERD cd, etc... But it isn't about Lu ALL of the time. I like the variety. Why do you feel as though her not talking about Lupe pertains to you? In what way?

ZuLou said...

Lol, I guess people are forgetting what a blog is. When are blogs ever really politically correct? That's what makes them so interesting to read, no one is there to tell the writer what and what not to put. THAT'S BEAUTIFUL, its human expression. I think people saying she's grimy for saying something like that are overreacting themselves. I'm sorry, but to me the evidence that was stacked against Kels was just too much. For him to get away with that and Chilly to get 44 years seems farfetched at the least. Chilly is Lupe's homie, and since this IS Lupe's fan blog, why WOULDN'T they be biased? Even if I wasn't a Lupe fan, I'd still be mad at Kels anyway, cuz fact is he's the new school Mike. Not even saying that Chilly should have got AWAY, just saying that Kels should've been locked up.

One Time For Your Mind

Anonymous said...

FOR THE RECORD...the title like i said IF YOU READ THE DAMN A a previous FNF RADIO EPISODE...Lupe says jokingly...FREE PIMP C! D4L GO TO JAIL...I was joking people...damn...LISTEN TO THE OLD FNF RADIOS I JUST POSTED BITCHES!! Its the one when Little Brother is their guest...

1ne said...

I posted earlier as AnTuan, that is me after all, but I digress...

I don't think YOU understand what I'm saying...

If this blog had no publicity, it wouldn't be an issue.

There are PLENTY of FAN-BASED BLOGS out there, just because it's fan-based, doesn't mean, ride the artist til it's just unbearable, it means the people who run this site are collectively fans, who will attempt to reach and relate to other fans.

If I ran a blog called, and I say this to entertain and validate, "The Ass Muncher Show"
I don't think the focal point of that blog would be to ass munch.

There is no "A" blog and "Lupe Fiasco Show" blog, because they are the same damn thing.

There is a "Lupe Fiasco" blog, on his OFFICIAL WEBSITE, but even that
blog is just A blog.

The power you give to a blog, is as much expression as you may put into a blog, it is only yours, and as much as someone could try to expand it into something greater, it is not, unless you yourself, contribute what you believe to it.

Do you understand me, Sheena?

Anonymous said...

Sheena Medena I understand exactly what you are saying. I would like to quote you, "On The Lupe Fiasco Show the content should MOSTLY be related directly to Lupe Fiasco."(emphases on MOSTLY)! Well as I had written before, this is one of the very few times The Lupe Fiasco Show has strayed from content! MOST of the time this Blog stays true to form! Allow me to quote you again Sheena:)"Do it on your own time and your own dime." As I've written before the fine ladies of this site are not payed for their services. Thus this is their own time and their own dime! Plus Sheena Medeena what does little Wayne have to do with this subject matter? OH I get it! Since I'm a fan of Lupe Fiasco and privy of matters regarding the R.Kelly trial then I must be a fan of Little Wayne. Because we know all rap artist and their fans are one in the same.Well at least you should know because your a fan too right?(I'm being sarcastic). My point is that one unrelated post does not alter this blog's credibility. Yes their is a time place and blog for such opinions. Yet you act as if Kaycee's actions are common practice. And we are missing the point. A girl was rapped not just sexually abused but degraded (pissed on)! Their is recorded evidence of such. Yet the perpetrator has gotten off free. Why? because no on gives a damn about the safety of young black women or females in general. I think that is enough reason for any woman, black, white or whatever to vent! And what better platform than the highly praised, widely read Lupe Fiasco Show!!!! :)

Anonymous said...

sorry i meant to say raped.

Hollyhood Joe said...

Does anybody on this page know anything about the law? Its hard to convince a man when the women on the video claims that neither she or R.Kelly are the participants in the video.

I think this blog hold a bigger responsiblity towards Lupe's opinions than this. The least you can do is post a disclaimer saying that the views of this blog is not necessarily the beliefs of Lupe's.

Anonymous said...



Mia said...

In reference to hollyhood joe, so what? She wasn't the only person that he recorded and he had about 17 charges against him and other people to testify. The girl aunt said it was her. The tape was so clear you can tell who everyone was. Then he lied and said it was his brother. What they did was they waited until she was older so she wouldn't look inocent. Besides his ass was still traveling around the world doing tours and ish while on trial!! You can't pass that off. Why should the ladies need a disclaimer saying this blog isn't reall Lupe's belief? This isn't his blog. If you want his opinion go to his blog. Lupe doesn't invest anything into this blog, the ladies started this blog so you you know that it is their opinions. Why are people complaining on their site?

Does anybody on this page know anything about the law? Its hard to convince a man when the women on the video claims that neither she or R.Kelly are the participants in the video.

I think this blog hold a bigger responsiblity towards Lupe's opinions than this. The least you can do is post a disclaimer saying that the views of this blog is not necessarily the beliefs of Lupe's.

June 15, 2008 3:18 PM

Anonymous said...


J said...

Really? Is someone really mad because R.Kelly- a rapist and pedophile is being put on blast????? Ummmm, Helloooo. . . thats pretty crazy.

Lupe is from Chicago right? R.Kelly is from Chicago right? Well thats good enough reason to have this as a topic. And the fact that a rapist and pedophile gets sets free is a DAMN GOOD reason why this should be a topic. . . its RI-effin-DICULOUS that he gets to walk away. . . and that fact that someone is on this blog complaining is pretty damn disgusting!

R.Kelly is nasty said...

R. Kelly needs to go to jail. And he needs to go fast before he starts performing at Chuck E. Cheese.

R. Kelly needs to go for a myriad of reasons. First, no grown man should be peeing on females, be they grown or teenagers. Secondly, he is married. Thirdly, this is the last of a series of underage relationships he’s had in his career, starting with Aaliyah.

R. Kelly might as well have a parking spot outside of Kenwood Academy, his alma mater. I can imagine him outside, bumping “Age Ain’t Nuttin Bout A Number”, giving out teddy bears and Blow Pops as he pulls some JV majorette.

He has become the synonym for a pedophile. Look at this conversation:

Guy #1: Man, she’s cute. Who is that?

Guy #2: Nah. That’s my boy’s little sister. She’s like 15.

Guy #1: Oh damn. Ain’t tryna pull an R. Kelly.

The fourth reason is the one that irks me the most: he has gone crazy since the charges. This dude goes out, gets fur throwback jerseys, wears a mask and calls himself “The Pied Piper”. That’s like Michael Jackson renaming himself “Mr. Frizzle”, the male version of the teacher off the “Magic School Bus”.

Now all of his songs have a flute in them and he looks like Zorro.

Black people were congratulating him on the BET Awards like idiots. “Fresh from jail, your R&B thug…RRRRR. KELLLLLLY” (and the crowd goes wild). This dude didn’t get his master’s…he got his pedophilia case pushed back. Celebrate when people accomplish something.

The backing of the Black community has pushed him over the edge. This dude went from believing he could fly to singing about zoos and jungles. R. Kelly actually made a song about making love to the girl that braids his hair and that chick allowed herself to let him dye his hair gold. Now he looks like the leader of the Golden Lords off of “Meteor Man”.

It’s like he is oblivious to reality…and for that and the charges against him, he needs to go to jail. However, it can’t be just any jail. The jail has to be sponsored by a beverage company so the inmates can show him how disgusting peeing on somebody is. Put him under the jail toilet, not just under the jail.

"R. Kelly has just been placed in the maximum-security Vitamin Water Correctional Facility. He can watch TV b/c they eliminated Noggin, Disney and Nickelodeon from all of the televisions."

No more watching Hannah Montana, trying to find the “best of both worlds”. No more lusting over Lindsey Lohan…the “Family Trap” version, not the “Everybody Nose” version.

What makes matters worse is that some many Black women are standing behind him, knowing damn well that if another Black man was suspected of such behavior, he’d be thrown under the first Greyhound to Chicago.

I think he’s guilty. If he’s proven not guilty, it doesn’t mean he’s innocent.

:] said...

heyy I guess I'm pretty late but whatever. I found this blog by trying to find out what lupe's song free chilly means. I guessed I missed the whole r Kelly and chilly issue, when did this happen? and just saying. talking about whether u tihink theyshoild be free is prety relevent to lupe considering he wrote a song on freeing chilly. alright well if u don't agree, well, that's lovley.