Tuesday, June 10, 2008

Hot 97 FAN CHAT with Lupe Fiasco

Here's a piece of it...

Your energy at concerts is amazing! What do you do before a show to get pumped up?

Lupe Fiasco>>
I try to relax and focus, I dont like to prepare to much, I like togo out into the crowd and feel the energy

ayee, LUPE wasssup, i went to KanYe concert last night.. and you guys killllled it on that stage!!!! Just wanted to know when u guys are gonna bring your CRS group to the stage.. I'm definately lookin forward to that.. -Eric B. from Far Rock-

Lupe Fiasco>>
Hopefully some time next year.

who was your biggest influence growning up

Lupe Fiasco>>
My father and my mother

Was it your 1st time visiting Cairo, Egypt in the Paris Tokyo video? What other destinations around the world have you visited aside from New Zealand, Toyko, Paris, Egypt? And out of everywhere you visited where would you consider your favorite place to be

Lupe Fiasco>>
Paris, Japan is dope. I haven't been to South America

With such a busy schedule, i know its hard to manage time. Can you tell us what a typical day for Lupe is like?

Lupe Fiasco>>
Lot of no sleep, get up, try to eat somethin, work for the next 23 hours then go to sleep and do it all over again

when will you drop the next album and where can i buy you clothing line F.O.R???

Lupe Fiasco>>
Next album, coming soon. Clothing line FOR this October. You can get it at Choiceisyour.jp

Which album do you think is better, Food and Liquor or The Cool?

Lupe Fiasco>>
I like The Cool.

Lupe, which one of your songs is your favorite?

Lupe Fiasco>>
Streets On Fire

I know you said the "doors are closing" on you reaching out to other artists outside of your camp to do new tracks but what about a song with Talib Kweli or Mos Def?

Lupe Fiasco>>
Anything's possible, realistically probably Talib.

Lupe, I saw you last night...Amazing...The whole show was extraordinary...But you are beautiful and so intelligent...How does it fell to be a phenom in this rap game? Are you going to come out at Summer Jam?

Lupe Fiasco>>
Don't know if I'm gonna be at Summer Jam, but it feels good to be a phenom

Where did the inspiration for the "Paris, Tokyo" music video come from? (Besides the song lyrics)

Lupe Fiasco>>
From the director, Erik White

What would your fans be surprised to know about you?

Lupe Fiasco>>
I got four black belts.

is it true that u will only drop one more album and then retire? please dont the game needs u

Lupe Fiasco>>
Maybe. Probably.

Do you have any highlights from the tour, whether good or bad? Thanks! jasmine.

Lupe Fiasco>>
I fell onstage in Atlanta in front of 20,000 people

How do you feel about the current state of hip hop?

Lupe Fiasco>>

when are preforming in new york again?...loved the show u did at Nokia earlier this year, it was poppin and the live band was LIVE

Lupe Fiasco>>
Tonight at S.O.Bs with the band that was live...

Who do you like in the presidential election this year? and why?

Lupe Fiasco>>

Are You And Kanye Still Cool After The Whole Everyone Nose Remix Mishap?

Lupe Fiasco>>
What mishap. There was no mishap.

Hey Lupe me and all my friends in Cleveland listen to your music all the time and your by far the best artist out right now. My question is when will you be releasing more mixtapes? you should go with the style you did for a rhyming ape becuase that was the best mixtape you made. And also hows LUP end going?

Lupe Fiasco>>
LUP end is about 10% done. And I don't think I'm doing any more mixtapes.

Who's you're favorite female artist out now?

Lupe Fiasco>>
Jill Scott and Sarah Green

Do you, like most successful artists, come across the occassional "groupie"-- or are your [female] fans more respectable towards you because of your strong faith?

Lupe Fiasco>>
Female fans are cool. There stand-offish

Lupe Fiasco>>
Thanks to all my fans out there on HOT97.com, I'll see you on the next one, stay tuned

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Mendi said...

*note to self, when reading Lupe Fiasco chat transcripts, do not attempt to drink coffee at the same time*

LOL but seriously, my screen about got sprayed at least once. Definitely a good and interesting read. I think my favorite part was the crickets part... creative way to say no comment!

Tan Williams said...

The questions were good and the answers were straight forward and to the point.

E-Rich said...

Oh, NOW he supports Obama. You did notice that he said maybe and probably about LupEND being his last CD?

Mia said...

Is it just me or does he sound arrogant? I don't know it is something about the interview... like he didn't care to much for it. AND he said LUPEND wasn't coming for a long time, why did he tell them it was coming soon?! lol the crickets was funny and the obama part. I guess he doesn't have a choice with mccain prehistoric a$$ lmao!