Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Lupe Fiasco A Rhyming Ape Tee

The design features a Rhyming Ape logo with Lupe Fiasco’s face superimposed into the countenance, and of course, his classic rimmed glasses. (A spin on the BAPE brand that Lupe has been so fond of).
Below the logo are two detailed mics crossing like skull bones.

Honestly...this tee is dope ass hell..shout out to the good people at ALL SOULED OUT!

CLICK HERE to cop one of these tees before they SELL OUT!


Anonymous said...

I've had one of those for a good year or so. I remember when they were first put up on the Lupe boards way back when we though it said prono gear or something on the back, but then found out it didn't and copped that ish.
Here, dug out the thread.
I was the one asking all the questions. Good thing I did. It's a nice shirt and wheathers the washing machine well too.

K. Denise said...

ha! I got one too. I think I wore it to The Cool Tour too...i took it off eventually but it was there...

Stephanie_N said...

i bought one as soon as i saw this post. i've seen it up on the blogs for awhile and was wondering where i could get one. thanks a lot!