Thursday, June 5, 2008

N.E.R.D and Fam-Lay on Jay Leno

So this isnt Lupe related...but when I saw my brother on Jay Leno last night I had a caniption...I had one of those PROUD MOTHER moments :)

If you have been to the Glow In The Dark Tour then you have seen Fam-Lay on stage with N.E.R.D doing his thing! Some people have no idea who he is so let me school you on his dopeness RIGHT NOW

Fam-Lay "Beeper Record"

(I was at this video shoot for the original video...this is the Hype Williams version)

Showcase ft. Fam-Lay "Put your V's Up"

(I was at this video shoot too lol much love to everyone at Illusive Media who directed this video)

Fam-Lay "Rock n Roll"

"Im the candy man I got more than frozen cups!"...i love this song :)

Fam is currently working on his next mixtape DIRTYWAY...Head on over to his MYSPACE page and show my dude some love :)

Be sure to check out Fam-Lay's newest track "War Music"!

And AS ALWAYS... if you would like to do an interview or any inquires on Fam-Lay...HIT ME UP :)

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