Wednesday, June 18, 2008

The State of Black Skate...Current TV

Lu makes a cameo...swiped from Tibs and crew :)


Mia said...

This is a really good presentation. I like it. It is so true because I dont know any 1 who's a skater but I see more people skating now than ever. I think Lu did help people be more open to skate boarding. Whether the person is a skater boy or not that is the least most important thing, honestly. I can think of so many more things that a person should be concerned about. As long as the hobby isn't harmful, it shouldn't really matter.

Tan Williams said... and tv is the best. I love guys should visit their often.

Brian said...

sad but true..i cant even skate in my own area cuz of i just hop over to the other side of town to have long as im able to skate...luv it

Anonymous said...

Man I remember when I was little I was learning to skate but I got shunned and I stopped cause of that... :(

I shouldn't of let them get to me.

now there are posers everywhere.