Wednesday, July 2, 2008

DJ Zap Ultimate Mashups Presents: Lupe Fiasco

1. Happy Industries vs Mr Hahn - Bass On The Bottom
2. Heat Under The Baby Seat vs Aesop Rock - Catacomb Kids
3. A Bathing Harry vs Baby - What Happened To That Boy
4. Fighters vs Linkin Park - Numb Encore
5. Blackout vs Fort Minor - There They Go
6. Go Go Gadget Flow & Don't Get It Twisted vs Crucial Conflict - Hay
7. Gotta Eat vs Aesop Rock - Kill Em All Remix
8. I Don't Feel So Good vs Saigon - Come On Baby
9. Dumb It Down vs J-Souljah - Like It Or Not
10. Superstar vs Styles Of Beyond - Nine Thou
11. Emperor's Soundtrack vs J-Souljah - Coming Real Big
12. Don't Get It Twisted vs Talib Kweli - Country Cousins
13. Little Weapon vs M.I.A. - Paper Planes
14. Intruder Alert vs El-P - The Overly Dramatic Truth
15. Put You On Game vs Fort Minor - Cigarettes
16. The Coolest vs Talib Kweli - Hostile Gospel pt 1
17. Streets On Fire vs Sage Francis - Civil Disobedience
18. Make Sure U Getta Shirt vs Aim - Walking Home Through The Park

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Anonymous said...

i love the M.I.A. mashup!

caseybreann said...

DEAM! They're all hot! Loving it.