Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Gemstones on okayplayer...

"Gemstones is or, was, the dude on vocals on all of your favorite Lupe tracks from both Food & Liquor & The Cool. “Go Baby”, he’s chillin in the cut; “He Say, She Say”- your boy was there under the name Gemini- but now, it’s strictly Gemstones, with a reassessed outlook on the game, and indebted focus, for all of those on the come up.

“It was, 2000 or 2001 when I first hooked up with Lupe,” Gemstones, a Chi-town native began, “and he was doin’ what I wanted to do with the game. We fist met in the studio, and when I learned how he was stepping to everything, and that he owned his own publishing company, I had to get with him.” And after getting with him, things quickly began to spark. Initially with Lupe’s first effort, and then with the explosion of the Chicago underground-turned-mainstream scene."

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Gem is hard at work in the STUDIO...working ON NEW MATERIAL...u know what that means :)

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