Saturday, July 26, 2008

Throwback: Risen Magazine Interview..Lupe Fiasco: Street Cred

Risen Magazine: How many kids were in your family?

Lupe Fiasco: Nine—five girls and four boys. I'm the youngest boy and the fourth youngest overall.

RM: How did growing up in such a big family treat you?

LF: A lot of it was satellite. A lot of it is half-brothers and halfsisters. We all didn't live in the same household, so we hadspace. And the ages ranged from 32 all the way down to 4. So it was different households, different marriages, so we all had our space and we all had our time. It wasn't like nine of us like the Brady Bunch—running around, lagging, committing suicide in the shower. It wasn't like that. We all got our attention and everything.

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This is an oldie but a good read...


Mendi said...

Agreed, yet another one that I didn't see since I was late on all things Lupe. Thanks for sharing the throwback interviews!

Anonymous said...

I love Lupe!!