Saturday, August 16, 2008

8.16.8 ElectroRockv3 Disc 2

it can be downloaded
it's pretty cool.

After reading the comment left on this is something more...lyrical-
G.A.S - Turbo

ps: thank you FEMME FIASCOS for allowing me to post this. ^_^


Anonymous said...

it sounded tight but lyrically?? kinda scattered ..big ups 2 u tho :0)

CHiiLL said...

Anonymous said...

Turbo is a beast

Chris Sims said...

I've just got done listening to everything that you provided on you youtube page and I have to say you are an amazing artist.

Your lyrical skill is unmatched. You're always clever with the wordplay and you have this unrivaled passion that is just evident every time you rhyme.

All of the "5 Minutes parts" are stellar tracks especially part 1 and 3. All of the Street Fighter tracks are blazing! And tracks like Ozone, Bicycle, Jannahdas, Deeni Argent, The boy and the girl are just plain fun. I could go on and on.

You're a breath of fresh air to the game and manage to put a smile on my face with every metaphor and simile. I'll be looking forward to all of your future endeavours because you definitely have a very bright future.

As for Electro Rock 3 disc 2. I think that the sound is a different from the rest of your collective. It doesn't sound as powerful or as fun as the previous albums. It's doesn't grab me and demand me to listen like the others. GAS is a standout track though. You make this look so damn easy.

Now I eagerly await Disc 3.

Turbo fan for life!