Sunday, August 3, 2008

Fan Reviews: Lupe at Lollapalooza 08'

Submitted by Daniel

Hey- I love the blog so I thought I’d tell you about the show at Lolla on Saturday. All my pics are shit, so I just won’t send them, sorry.

It was underwhelming. I have seen Lupe once before (He came to my college in St. Louis last October, before The Cool) and when he came it was just him, Bishop G and a DJ and it was amazing. This whole band that he has now was a bit too much for me. It overwhelmed him and his voice, for most of the show it was 4 people with mics (Matt Santos and Nikki Jean, I think) which was too much not to mention the DJ who had a mic plus the choir he had and it all just took away from Lupe.

The main problem though was the same that he supposedly had last year playing behind Pearl Jam, most of the fans closest to the stage weren’t there to see him, they were there to see Rage Against the Machine. So there weren’t many fans that were really into his set close to the stage (The band before Lupe, Brand New, their lead singer was really pissed for some reason that there were so many people there and mentioned a couple of times how he knew they weren’t there to see Brand New and at they ended the set 15 minutes early by throwing his guitar in frustration, it was really kind of childish, I give Lupe credit for not really letting it phase him).

Sorry for the lengthy note, just had to get all that out because I was disappointed with the performance compared to what I saw back in October. I didn’t see the Glow In The Dark tour but I think maybe he set is too planed and rehearsed from that. He also didn’t do any of the mixtape stuff like Happy Industries like he did before The Cool came out, which was disappointing.

Anyway, thanks for having a great site for a great artist!

Evanston, IL


Anonymous said...

RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE RULES !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

im a big ratm and lupe fan so yeah....

Chi City Animated said...

Danny! Your a goddamn liar! Lupe set was fire! You didn't even mention that Lupe came out to the Rocky theme music and did push-ups, jumping jacks and flips!!!!!
Fuckin' Flips!!!! And as far as him not performing his old mixtape songs...he didn't do on the GITD tour either. In which I didn't really care because either way he delivered! It wasn't lollapalooza it was Lupe-palooza!!!!

Karen said...

hahah I talked to him at lolla!!!

I was quite drunk and my girl was meeting him, she pointed to me and said thats my drunk best friend and when he didnt see me i busted through the crowd like a hot mess and yelled "HEY LUPES!" he gave me a smile and looked at me like i was crazy at the same time ahah