Sunday, August 31, 2008

Mendi's Review...

One of out faithful readers attended the WORLD FAMOUS LUPE FIASCO SHOW las night at's her review

Let me get set details out of the way first. He started off the show with "Kick Push." There is no way I can remember the exact order of songs but included in the set were "Sunshine," "Go Go Gadget Flow," "Paris Tokyo," "I Got Ya," "Superstar," "Hip-hop Saved my Life," "Little Weapon,"and it capped off with "Daydream." There was also some new material thrown in there somewhere, stuff that Lupe called incomplete works and none of them were titled. As a matter of fact one had a chorus of "new shit," and as they moved to each new piece in this jam session Lupe would simply say, "Let's do that other shit." Whatever the case, if the lyrics on display were any indication LUP-end is going to be hot! Be ready at the end of 2009 for that! Yes, Lupe himself said that the end of 2009 is when we can expect the new album which will also be his last.

And how do I describe this show? I simply do not know how! Lupe has an amazing energy! He and Bishop G seemed to truly be enjoying every minute of being onstage, and their energy was amazing! Couple that with the fact Lupe had a live band, which if you ask me makes shows that much better... simply amazing. If you've not been to a Lupe Fiasco show you're definitely missing out on something truly awesome! And he didn't just perform the songs. He did talk some, once before the song "Little Weapon" about how war is unneessary and how things could be different if we allocated our money differently instead of spending it on war. And at one point in the show he endorsed Barack Obama, which I admit I found surprising given some dialogue that took place earlier in the year. But that's okay! At any rate, the show is one I won't soon forget, and if Lupe comes anywhere close again I'll most definitely try my best to be there! That show was worth every little bit I spent on those tickets!

And it's not a concert experience if I don't talk about what happened afterwords. My roommate and I decided that we were going to try the trick of finding the tour bus to see if we could perhaps get a quick meet and greet with Lupe. Without saying too much... it worked. I now have Lupe Fiasco and Bishop G's autographs on my ticket stub. My roommate didn't think to bring a camera and unfortunately I dont' have pics to prove it, but that's all right. The memories are good enough for me.

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