Saturday, August 2, 2008

Paris Toyko Remix

would rather have jeezy on the adlibs, tpain on the hook and shawty lo jogging in the video but

If anyone had problems coming on our site did we lol hence the reason for no post yesterday...everything seems to be okay now...but if anyone out there is even THINKING about hacking us YOU BETTER THINK AGAIN...

Lu performs at Lollapalooza in Chicago TODAY! If anyone attends the show and as usual would like to share your experience with our readers (just like we BEEN DOING since 2007 bitches DON'T GET IT TWISTED! lol) feel free to send your pics, stories, etc to and! and also don't forget to check out the after party featuring He Say She Say!

the station we love the most FUSE will be covering Lolla so hopefully THEY WILL ACTUALLY HAVE SOME DAMN LUPE COVERAGE THIS TIME! (To the Fuse guy that reads our blog im gonna be nice but WE STILL NEED TO SEE SOME LUPE FOOTAGE! We fiends over here! lol j/p...but seriously...)

Keep the video submissions coming! Im PRAYING that not everyone is gonna take the easy way out and do a video for and he gets the girl...yeah we through a easy one in there for you all but we are all REALLY INTERESTED in seeing vids for Gotta Eat and for Just Might Be get those CREATIVE JUICES FLOWING...remember AUGUST 31ST IS THE you have plenty of time...

Thanks to everyone that sends us Lupe news, info, really helps us out alot...most of the time we have the info its just takes us some time to get around to posting it...but you all act as a reminder so THANK YOU! (HEY MENDI!)

And to our fresh to def readers...The love is ALWAYS APPRECIATED :)

KayEND :)


Anonymous said...

yeah i couldn't get in i was ike wtf

Matthew said...

I love your last single you rock!!!