Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Refresh Your Flow Tour: Philly

Thanks to Harper for sending these along...Harper actually threw one of his PRESDIGOUS shirts on the stage at the show lol We all know Lu loves FREE CLOTHES so im sure that made his day :) Check out his myspace page for more info on his line!


myssmodelstar said...

whyyyyyyyy does the show in DC have to be for 13-17 yr olds ?!?! I wanna go sooo Fn bad son !!

Granville said...

whats up this yo boy Mr.L33 I trying to get a deal read my version of "Dumb it down"

pay attention now hear this
soon your gonna fear this
do i see a tear mis
well I gotta say is
stop trying to stop the flow dude
im treat you like a baby no no dude

you aint hot in the streets G
only thing we like is your beats G
talk about you money or talk about your honey b

Bombchell said...

[[sigh]] =) so cute. lol

Brittany. said...

tour was live i went to the one in dc. they let older ppl in.