Thursday, August 7, 2008

A Short Story

My first Lupe Fiasco concert was at UNC-Chapel Hill back in February 2007. Right before I started this blog. And this dude was passing out flyers for a show after the concert, and I took one and was just questioning him about his band name, stage name, all that. He was watiting for Lupe to leave the venue so he could give him a copy of his bands CD. I checked his band out on myspace, and really liked them. Then I TRIED to get them the opportunity to play this summer music festival in NC, but things fell through at the last minute. And I've been meaning to introduce you all to this group AGES ago, but I'm lazy. But better late then never right. RIGHT?

His name is Charlie Smarts. His band is Inflowential, and Kooley High. They are guided by Justus League founders 9th Wonder and Cesar Comanche. And they are doing great things and reppin North Carolina pretty big on the music scene. I'm proud.

So Check them Out...

And while you're at it...Check out Also based in NC. (I think)

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Hyphen said...

Kooley High is the ish.