Monday, August 11, 2008

Teens from W.D Mohammed High @ the WORLD FAMOUS Lupe Fiasco Show :)

My girl Summiyah recently scored some tickets for a group of highschool kids that she mentors and decided to take the kids to experience the world famous Lupe Fiasco Show! Here's a review that one of her students wrote about the show...

What constitutes a Good Friday night? Free tickets to see Lupe Fiasco? Oh, yes. A slim chance to meet him in person? Even better. This past Friday a group of 40 students and supervisors from W.D. Mohammed High School, myself included, attended the Refresh Your Flow Tour concert in Atlanta, Ga. The headliners: Lupe Fiasco and Karina.

After standing in line bunched together, for what seemed like the better part of a lifetime, we were admitted into the Tabernacle. Tickets were scanned, groups were formed, and for those of us fortunate enough to make it to the front of queue, pictures were taken without the rush of trying to find a good spot near the stage.

Following a lot of radio fanfare and an introduction by Coca-Cola Representatives (asking us to take heed of the FREE coke products at our disposal on both sides), Karina was finally brought on stage. Her performance was short, but sweet, and I got to hear a song I’d never heard before but apparently everyone else knew by heart, “16 at War”.

Towards the end people became restless, “Where’s Lupe?” they asked, followed by some half-hearted clapping when the radio guy came back on stage. But he wasn’t there for long. Lupe was in the building; and the hyped up tension that could be felt outside was back again.

And then it began. The lights changed, and the music started (what could be better than a live band?). The moment we’d all been waiting for was finally here. Lupe strolled on stage just in time to begin “The Instrumental”, and everybody went CRAZY!

Song after song with his boundless energy, from air guitar with his mic stand to clapping with his kicks, Lupe worked the crowd. Halfway through I was hoarse and couldn’t hear myself think, let alone scream. But I belted the words to “Hip Hop Saved My Life” and “Kick, Push” anyway. And even though you can never tell who the artists are really looking at during these things, my friend Isoke swears he was staring at her the whole time.

So how does this Good Friday night end? Well among free giveaways, you can count an amazing performance by a true Hip-Hop artist, me catching Lupe’s towel (and he smells oh so good), and although we didn’t get to meet him in person, taking pictures with Chilli from TLC isn’t a bad trade.

Peace and Love,
Shaa’ista Sabir
WD Mohammed High Alumni

And you know they took some pictures :)

Isoke L. and Shaa'ista S.

Najah F. Isoke L. and Nadiyah F.

Aliyah A., Khadijah A. and Summiyah S.

Khatiymah A., Aliyah A., Asantewaa A., Saddiyah T. , Mariyah S. and Nadiyah F.


The fellas out of the group just sent in their pic so I gotta show them some love and post it up!

R-L: Salahudin, Hasan, Mahdi, Jamal, Tahir, Sharif, Nasheed and Tajjideen.

Now make nice guys :)

BIG SHOUT OUT to the teens of W.D Mohammed High! Lupe hooked these wonderful girls with some goodies. Thanks for sharing your story with us ladies!



Anonymous said...

Her kids did an excellent job writing that review, very intelligent.

Anonymous said...

Awww Before I DIE I'm going to make sure I witness a concert from him. (I hope I don't get too old)

Seems they had fun. I brings back memories of when I went to concerts.

Sabz said...

What i wouldn't do to see him in concert again...

He needs to come to the UK soon

nice post though, when i saw him in concert...i was right near the front, i hoped and prayed that we'd make eye contact...but i don't think it happened :-( i feel pathetic to even be sad about that!

Just being in his presence and feeling the energy is satisfaction enough

Prestige.FP$ said...

that was a very nice review. =)
And his concerts are undescribable. Simply AMAZINGG

NoTiQ said...

WOW WD... Big ups to the ATL private schools, lol

I'm a Whitefield Academy alum.

Wish i could've been there

Queen said...

As much as I love Lupe, I think I am more hype that she got the chance to meet Chilli,lol...I have loved TLC since I was 6 yrs to meet Chilli and go to A Lupe concert for free would have been probably the best night ever,lol. BTW, the review was very good, possibly one of the best reviews I have read regarding a Lupe concert. Congrats to the class and the teacher for being so awesome!