Tuesday, August 5, 2008

A VERY popular brand in Virginia

Imperial Junkie..Those that live in VA should be WELL AWARE of their clothes...I remember I use to hand out product of theres when they were preparing for their launch...this was over a year ago! Glad to see them coming up :)

For more info visit their site www.imperialjunkie.com

Speaking of VA....this pic is priceless lol

haha so silly

www.bbcicecream.com/blog for more info...Everyone Nose Remix vid is SUPPOSED to drop this week...but we will see...BUSY is saying its supposed to have an 80's Theme!

The Teen Choice Awards 2008...

Lupe lost to Lil' Mama for Shawty Get Loose :(


angelaaina said...

That's WHAK! How Lu loose to Lil Mama never???!!! That's just LAME! Sorry..dont mean to sound like a hater...but seriously!

Anonymous said...

fcuk,seriously the shawty get loose vid was a rip off of michael's scream bt it was rubbish. Lupe is still the best whether he wins or not.

myssmodelstar said...

bleeeeeeeeeeeh ! lil mama irks my friggin nerves some kinda terrible !! they always down playing my man when it comes to these award shows.

Chaunna said...
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Chaunna said...
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