Monday, September 1, 2008

Blu on Lu...

So I remember when me and Keena came up with this idea for What The Artists Say... We were trying to come up with new shit for the blog...I was eating coconut sorbet and frozen pinapples and...OKAY you didnt need to know that...but yeah...Then, it hit me! "Why don't we ask other rappers what they they think about Lu?"

ANYWAY...Keena already hit you with what the homie Thurzday had to say (Thanks again Thurzday)

and now I bring you the big Homie Blu (another one of my favorites)

Here is BLU

and here is what he said about Lupe...

I think Lupe has accomplished something that is very hard to do now a days; Get real music to get real airplay on commercial radio.

We need more artists on major labels to take a page out of Lupe Fiasco's book and stop flooding the airwaves with garbage music with little to no substance just to make a quick buck.

Expect a Blu/Fiasco Collab soon.

So True!
And Im super excited about the thought of that Collab...
Make sure you hit Blu up on myspace


Young Son said...

I can't wait! Blu has recently become one of my favorite rappers, up there with Lupe now! "Below the Heavens" is an awesome album. I can't wait for the collab. That would be diamond status!

Anonymous said...

lmao kewl. what a coincidence cuz i told Blu that he was on lupe's level awhile back haha.