Monday, September 29, 2008

Fan Reviews: Lupe at UTA

"I went to the Lupe Fiasco show at UT-Arlington on Sep 24th, and I was blown away. I thought Lu's performance at Glow in the Dark could not be topped, but he gave the most incredible performance I've ever seen (and the tickets were only 25 bucks!!). His energy was crazy, he would spit lines at sonic speed and then slow down with the most flawless flow. When the whole auditiorium began chanting his name, he ran across the stage did a cartwheel and then a BACKFLIP!! And in addition to rapping, he also sang! He sang a slow jazz song, the intro to Daydreamin, and I must say LU CAN DEFINETLY SING!! Lupe also performed a song from LupEND, which I don't know the name of but it was a slow jam with incredible lyrics and a mellow beat. And Lu's dance moves were much more polished than usual (I think he's been rehearsing!). What I loved most about this show was not only Lu's incredible energy, but he was not afraid to be himself....He was not afraid of being silly or speaking his mind. And at the end, he gave the most articulate and motivating mini speech about why we should educate ourselves and vote. I also got to meet Lupe before the show, and even though he was running late, he was really sweet and took the time to meet me and my sister and take some pics with us! (THANKS LU!) I've been to a lot of concerts, but this was definetly the best show I've ever been to! If Lupe is coming to your city, definetly go and see him because you'll get every cents worth and you will fall even more in love with hip hop."

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Husam said...

educate ourselves and vote??

lupe? is that you??

j said...

aw how sweet! glad you
had a good time! lupe
is thee best! [=

Hayle Resweber said...

I go to UTA and i was at that concert (it was only 10 dollars for us students) and it was absolutely amazing.. I LOVE how Lupe gets soo into his music.. That's what makes him such a great MC.. He is a TRUE lyricist.. Someday said "lupe for president" and he said "yall aint gettin me shot.. I'm gettin rid of ALL taxes".. Right before he sang the song off of lupEND he talked about retiring saying "all good things must come to an end" and everybody was like "NOO!" Kardinal Offishall really got us hyped up for Lupe.. He wasn't lying when he said we had to have a lot of energy for Lupe.. He just kept going right into songs.. I loved Superstar and Dumb it Down.. Everybody, if you get the chance GO SEE LUPE FIASCO!!!

Mohammad said...

Aw...I wish he would have come to the other Austin =). Oh well, i'm glad everyone there got a chance to experience him.